Destruction Derby Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Choose Your Car-Level
Choose the Track
Just Hit Your Enemy
Collect The Best Crash
The Arena (Ballon)
Turn Your Enemy 360ยบ To Win
Your Car Are Finished !
Choose track
I see rivals - time to a little crash
Rival at six.
Road scuffle
Choose car
Total mess - this type of car "race" is fun
Classical race. No destruction....
...but still messing.:D
Hit the first...

PlayStation version

Can't see crap, captain!
It's all fun and games...
...till someone pokes an eye out!
View the scenery while bumping into your enemies.
Main menu
Only three cars to choose from, with a game difficulty attached.
Wreckin' race gives points for leading plus causing damage.
Naturally, drivers are aggressive in this mode.
Time trials challenge you to beat your own best time.
The destruction derby pits cars inside "The Bowl"
Cause as much damage as possible before your car craps out.
Cars also deform loosely based on where they are struck.
Cars smoke when significantly damaged.
Tighter third person camera
First person camera option. No cockpit.
You can jump into a replay after each race.
Five tracks in all.