Soundtrack media

While the back cover says the game includes a bonus DVD, the US PlayStation 3 release of the game came with a "bug" where the bonus disc is a blu-ray disc. As many people purchased the Augmented Edition for the sake of the soundtrack, this created quite a commotion on various forums on the Internet. One might expect you can access the soundtrack via PlayStation 3 since it is blu-ray and all, but unfortunately that is not the case. When you select the soundtrack from the disc menu, it prompts you to enter the disc in your blu-ray reader on a PC and copy mp3 files. Big whoop! One of the major problems is that people with PC blu-ray readers were scarce at best at the moment of this game's release. European game release, however, came with a bonus DVD so European gamers had no trouble listening to the bonus included soundtrack that came with the Augmented Edition.

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