Unlimited experience and upgrade canistersContributed by Solid Flamingo (1493) on Jan 15, 2008.

In the end of the Ocean Labs level when you go to meet Jock and Dr. Savage on a rooftop, talk to Dr. Savage and you'll get 500 experience points and an upgrade canister.
The trick is that if your inventory is full, JC will tell Dr. Savage to hold on and Dr. Savage will throw the item to the floor. Then if you talk to Dr. Savage again you'll get another 500 experience points and he'll throw another upgrade canister!
You can repeat this process as much as you like, raise your skills to expert level and upgrade all your augmentations to the max. Once you had enough make room in your inventory and accept the upgrade canister properly.

Note #1: Something I noticed later is that even without collecting all the dropped upgrade canisters the game still counted them in my inventory, so if you go to the augmentations menu you'll be able to upgrade without picking up any canister.

Note #2: After exploiting that bug you'll also notice that in the inventory slots there are lots of upgrade canisters. They may be seen there but they don't take any space, so feel free to put items over them.

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