Near-Unlimited Inventory SpaceContributed by saikofish (949) on Aug 12, 2002.

You can take advantage of a bug to let JC Denton carry as many items as you want when your inventory becomes full. In the inventory screen, pick up an item with your mouse and drag it outside the inventory space. Then press ESC to close the inventory window. The game will think you have an empty space left to pick up an item, but because you never really dropped the original item, you get to keep that as well. When you reopen the inventory screen, the two items will be "stacked" on top of each other in the same inventory space.

Here's a bit of a problem: you can't select an item below the another item on top of the stack. You'll have to drop the top item before you can do anything with the bottom one. But you can just repeat the trick to put the two items back in your inventory.

And now for the cool part: by dragging only the top item from an inventory space, you can continue to stack items on that space, regardless of how many other items are already there! Although you'll probably never need to, you can literally stack items forever, allowing you to have nearly unlimited inventory space.

Note: The trick works with items of any size, although your inventory can start looking really weird if you stacked items of different sizes on top of each other. Note, also, that the game must think you have room before you can pick up larger-sized items, so if you want to pick up a GEP Gun, you'll have to drop more than just a one-tile item. Clear some room for it, pick up the gun, and then pick up the rest of your items. You may have to do the dragging trick again just to get those other items back in, but sometimes they'll stack on their own.

Note #2: This trick won't let you pick up more than one item if you already have the maximum amount allowed of that item in your inventory.

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