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Amiga version

Yeah, i'm coming (Aga)
The C/Generation (Aga)
Hmm, bad day to be a hero
Nice place

Amiga CD32 version

Loading screen 1
Loading screen 2
Loading screen 3
Game start
Hiding in the corner
Jumping balls that eat you

Atari ST version

Title screen
From the intro: Landing on the roof
No one seems to be home...
The starting location
An empty corridor
the receptionist is the first human you meet
Reading from a computer terminal
Saved the receptionist
I got eaten by a bouncing ball
Room secured
A security key

DOS version

Title screen
Intro sequence
The start of the game: Landing on the 80th floor with your jetpack
80th floor reception - Watch out for that security turret!
Talking to the receptionist
The old guy hides in his office
Those red bouncing things are A/Generations. They can swallow you whole.
Intro screen: Looks like you've got a lot more to worry about than a routine package delivery
An A/Generation munchs on a civilian while another cloaked A/Generation sneaks up on you from behind
B/Generations can leap halfway across the screen to squash you into an instant pancake
The terrifying C/Generation humanoid Neogens can disguise themselves as any object (including chairs, boxs, and civilians), attacks by decapitation, and can even chase you from room to room!
Watch out for those electrical floors!
Shield power-ups make your character pixellated yet invincible, protecting you from harm and unwanted pregnancy
The inventory screen: your character can carry and use bombs, freezers, shields, plasma walls, and Deridda's package to make solving tough puzzles a little easier
Genoq was attempting to achieve Peace Through Better Bio-Weapons long before Umbrella Inc. was even conceived
Within the virtual reality world of the computer, the delivery boy has his first encounter with the mysterious D/Generation prototype
Get far enough, and you'll realize that you're in a race against time to escape the building before a Genoq fighter/bomber plane arrives to destroy the building and any evidence or witnesses inside
The delivery boy confronts the President of Genoq Inc.
The secret character Joe offers some philisophical insights into your plight, but otherwise isn't much help considering the trouble you go through to get to him
Once you reach the 87th floor, you'll be thrust in a 20 minute race against time to prevent Genoq from destroying the building
Our hero finally encounters the mysterious Dr. Derrida... but something seems a little odd (could be the face his head is speaking despite being on the floor next to his body)
D/Generation traps you within its bizarre virtual world
You must escape this nightmarish landscape if you ever hope to confront the D/Generation itself
Derrida has paid the price for Tampering In God's Domain
A battery of Tracker automated turrets guards the path to the roof
The status bar shows your achievements thus far
On the roof of the Genoq building our hero comes face to face with D/Generation, the ultimate bio-weapon
Fleeing from D/Generation
Game Over, man! D/Generation catches you and squashes you like a bug. Better luck next time.
Reading a computer: The mysterious Dr. Derrida holds the key to the mystery of what's going on inside the Genoq biolabs
Reading a computer: Profile of a Neogen bio-weapon
Computer screens located throughout the building show various messages telling you what's going on
You'll encounter many unusual characters on your journey to the top of the tower
Rescuing civilians can often involve elaborate puzzles
game (EGA)
Demo (EGA)
Intro (EGA)

Windows 3.x version

Start screen (SVGA)
Title screen (SVGA)
Setting the scene (SVGA)
Background (SVGA)
Introduction stills (SVGA)
Intro: The plot thickens (SVGA)
Coming in for a landing (SVGA)
In the lobby -- so far, so good (SVGA)
Why is the receptionist hiding behind her desk? (SVGA)
Conversation (SVGA)
Leading survivors to the exits (SVGA)
You want it sooner, build a higher landing pad! (SVGA)
Blown away! (SVGA)
Got what I need... but what about the guy? (SVGA)
Dialogue selection (SVGA)
Through that locked gate! (SVGA)
And I don't know what company I'd trust more there! (SVGA)
Getting garbled stepping on an electrified floor plate (SVGA)
Invincible enemies follow pre-set paths... gotta just suss out the gaps and run through then! (SVGA)
Ricocheting my laser shots (SVGA)
And up I go, twirling through the vacuum tube, into the next level (SVGA)
B/Generation organisms -- ominous blue cylinders. What are they going to do, roll over me? (SVGA)
I must say I did not see that one coming (SVGA)
An A/Generation drone, a red ball, engulfs me like a Rover from The Prisoner (SVGA)
Equipment and stats display (SVGA)
Inventory display (SVGA)
Blowing up the gate with a grenade... and myself, not having taken cover. Drat! (SVGA)
The grenade is primed and I'm safely tucked away (SVGA)
Teleporting (SVGA)
It was big of them to warn me (SVGA)

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