Dharma Dōjō Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Main menu
The password-entry screen
Select who you will play as
Opening story
Entering Stage 1
Stage 1-1
And, we're off!
WHOOSH! I hit the demon with a good spirit.
I cleared the stage. Clear bonus!
Stage 2's story
Stage 2-1
A female demon is the timer
At stage 2-2, I have to line up four items.
I need to hurry! She's getting to the top!
She made it to the top. Game over.
Continue or quit?
My password to continue later.
Non-stop items. I need to clear the screen before more items drop in. What will drop next is shown on the right.
The bird-man counts down until the next drop.
Question and answer. A pattern of items is shown on the right. I need to duplicate it on the left in the correct number of moves.
I did it!
The next pattern
I failed to do it
Two player mode
I have lit one of her lamps
I win round one
Who da man! Yea! I won!
Play again or quit?
Meanwhile... Stage 7-3. "Maneki-neko" background.
Eat this worthless weirdo.
Final - Stage 3 (or Stage 8-3).
Maneki-neko(?) is pissed off.
Ending. Yay.
Nighty-night. :)