Related Web Sites

  • - The Unofficial Diablo Site (One of the most detailed and comprehensive unofficial Diablo II websites on the internet.)
  • Diablo II Tomb of Knowledge (This website provides information on all the special items, skills, characters, horadric cubes recipes, quests, monsters... etc. There are also many useful strategies written by advanced gamers for each character. There is much to learn from this website without being exposed to any kind of spoiler.)
  • Diablo Universe (Blizzard's Complete Support Page for the Diablo Series)
  • Lord of Destruction Hints & Cheats (Using these hints you'll be nudged along so you can solve the game yourself.)
  • Official D2:LoD Promotional Website (Blizzard's official promotional website for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.)
  • Official Web Site (Blizzard's official web site for "Diablo II" add-on, with pretty much everything you'll want to find related to the game.)

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