Diablo Screenshots

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Macintosh version

Game launch menu
Main menu (shareware)
Select player type
Game loading screen
Game start in town
What can I do for you? Ah yes ye olde Blacksmith
I sense a soul in search of answers! Witchs Shack
Entering the Dungeon from town
Dungeon loading screen
Now the search and battle begin
Examining chests for gold coins or other items
Fighting skeletons
Zombies are little harder
Inventory holding/carrying
Character info hit points/leveling
Diablo supports an overlay map to guide you while traveling in the dark but showing areas explored already
In game save/options/exit menu

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Abandoned village (Introduction).
The lord of terror (Introduction).
Creating our hero.
Welcome to Tristram.
Griswold will sell you new weapons and repair old ones.
The cathedral.
Inventory screen.
Fighting with skeletons.
Distributing skill points.
The smell of death surrounds me...
Dark passage to the caves.
Cain - the town elder - can identify magic items.
Kill all monsters to clean the town water.

Windows version

Scene from the introduction
Title screen
Main Menu
Shopping in Tristram
Entrance to the Dungeon
Fighting some Skeletons
You start here.
You can put the items of your inventory wherever you like.
Your personal char
Several actions to perform with this NPC.
The witch starts talking
Want to hear the latest gossip from that drunk?
In the cemetery, you swear to fight the evil...
No mercy for those little creatures.
Opening the chests won't harm
A rather simple way to become rich, I guess...
Battling the King Leoric, once noble, but now allmighty evil skeleton resurrector.
Watch it for deceptions, as there are no friends beneath the surface!
Using firewall effect against the horde of crazed skeletons in the 'chamber of bones'.
In-game options are quick and brief, not too many adjusting and settings are offered.
Thanks to automap, you won't get a chance to be lost down there.
One of your first quests will be to release the poor souls by killing the butcher. Still, I advice you to come back and do the task after 6 or 7 levels, when you'll only need like two or three strikes to finish him.
Watch it, 'cos if you ever get caught and/or surrounded, DO NOT save game, hehe.
Another one of those enemies that won't strike until you bother him a bit first.
When you stumble upon some book, it's interesting to check what townfolk has to comment upon some of them. At least some new dialogues pop-up.
Watch it for horny mud runners. Just stay out of their running path or attack them while not running.
Bigger creatures are usually easiest to hit, and aren't much of a threat in general. Size is just to frighten you.
First class bunch of crazed mages using lightning bolts on you.
Bare in mind that axe is much better weapon for mages than a sword.
Opened red portal will lead you to Archbishop Lazarus' chambers. After that, pentagon below you will open its gate to hell where you'll meet Diablo.

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