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Diamond Digger Saga Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

As the game loads, items appear on the screen.
Title screen
The first area's map. I have already completed this area.
Starting level 1. (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
The level goal
Diggy introduced himself (itself?)
Level 1
Well done!
Level 1 completed! (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
Level 4. The striped soil in the upper left contains coins. The rocky soil must be matched twice to clear it. This level has more than 1 depth.
SWOOSH! Flowing down to the next depth.
At depth two.
At depth three. The rocket in the lower left can clear an entire line of soil.
SHWOOSH! The rocket cleared soil and uncovered money.
At level five, you have to awaken fireflies by getting the water to them. (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
A short cartoon to describe how the fireflies got underground.
Level five's goal
I awoke the firefly (it is flying to the left) and we are entering the next depth.
Level completed!
At level twelve, you have to collect toys. (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)
Another cartoon explaining how your toys got underground.
The odd coloured soil in the middle hids the toys.
Some toys are uncovered.
At level sixteen, I ran out of moves before I awakened all the fireflies. If I spend in-game gold, I can continue.
Level sixteen failed.
This is area two. I haven't completed everything here. (Personal names/photos blurred for privacy)

iPad version

Loading screen
Title screen with Valentine's Day decorations
The goal for level 1 with Valentine's Day decorations
The first level gives you instructions and hints.
You've reached your goal.
When you complete a level, you get this rainbow decoration...
...followed by this Well Done! message.
Level 1 completion stats (pictures and names blurred for privacy)
The map with Valentine's Day decorations (pictures and names blurred for privacy)
Starting level 2 and there are still Valentine's Day decorations (pictures and names blurred for privacy)
Level 2's goal (still decorated) (pictures and names blurred for privacy)
Level 2, first room
Flowing down to another room
This room has hidden treasure
Found some treasure
Starting at level 5, you have to wake up fireflies. (pictures and names blurred for privacy)
Level 5's goal
Level 5, room 1
I woke a firefly.
In a later room in level 5, you have stone that requires two matches to clear.
The magic orb with color burst can remove all the gems of the same color from the screen and clear any dirt below them.
A hint that the deeper you go, the better the treasure.
I've acquired the Line Blast booster. It can be used to clear an entire line of gems.
Also,m these Line Blast rockets will now show up in the game.
Now I have a four-way Line Blast.
This level has thicker stone that requires a match be made next to them then match over the dirt to clear it.
Level 12 has a new goal, to collect toys. (pictures and names blurred for privacy)
You are told the blocks that are blue hide toys.
I didn't clear enough toys.
The level failed so I lost a life. (pictures and names blurred for privacy)