Diamond Drop 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen. This copy came from GameHouse.
Main menu
Select your mode
The map.
The opening story.
Starting level 1
I'm sending up some gems.
I need to get enough gems to fill the earrings on the left.
Now I'm filling the pendant on the left.
My safe is full. Level complete.
Level stats
After each level, there's more story.
The store where I can by things. Right now, all I can get is wrapping paper. It will bring me more money from customers.
I am buying the wrapping paper.
Starting level 2
I've done good enough to get the small crystal medal.
My jewelry is now bronze.
Level 3 has magic shells. These will turn all nearby jewels to the same kind.
Match multiplier gems and you get more in your scales.
Now I earned the large crystal medal.
There is more to buy from the store.
Beware of falling rocks. They lose you time and 5000 points.
Grandmother's cake gains you time.
I ran out of time.
The story after you run out of time.
The store has lots of items, including silver jewelry.
You can clear coal by trowing a jewel at it or throwing it at a jewel.
I've gotten the crystal trophy.
Thje acorn gun can clear an entire column.