Didi and Ditto: Kindergarten Screenshots

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Windows version

The opening screen
Choose your hero or heroine
The hungry wolf...but he's a vegetarian, don't worry
Our heroine above the valley
Our first stop in the valley
Rabbit Concentration - match the letters and make the rocks disappear
We won a strawberry! It looks too big for our sack, doesn't it?
Inside the carry-sack
This inept wizard made Didi disappear, but she'll be back
On to the farm
The Swamp
The Mountaintop
Feed the frogs a tasty bug
The Waterfall
Follow the sounds and repeat
Color in the picture and it will appear on an easel in the game
Finish the pattern of bubbles by catching the correct shape
Jump and duck in this mini-arcade game
Cross the pond and solve the equation
Your options screen