Die Bahnwelt (Sharp X68000)

Die Bahnwelt Sharp X68000 Title screen


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Legend says that there exists an ancient world known as Vereator, powered by the mysterious energy Verbias. The treasure hunter Connor Macguire and his assistant Rania venture into deep space in search of riches. Their ship is trapped in Vereator, and the two begin to explore the strange world, hoping to find the source of Verbias. On the way they will have to defeat robotic legions of a malevolent professor who pursues his own agenda.

Die Bahnwelt is a top-down shooter. The player navigates Connor through maze-like environments, shooting at frequently respawning enemies in eight directions. A second character participates in battles on his side, controlled by computer AI; general tactics can be assigned to that character by the player through conversation. Each of the two characters can hold up to four weapons, using various types of energy ammo that can be found in treasure chests or dropped by enemies. Weapons can be switched at any time. There are no healing items, but both characters continuously regenerate their health. It is possible to save the game at any time.

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