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Die Fugger II (DOS)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Die Fugger II Credits


Original ConceptMatthias Kriesell, Lars Martensen
Art Concept & LeadAndreas Adamek
2D Graphics/AnimationsTobias Franz, Jürgen Lacher, Lothar Mahler, Mark Yates
3D / Graphics ProgrammingAndreas Dubhorn, Lothar Mahler, Andrew Walker
Music / Sound ProgrammingTheo Hoffmann, Matthias Kriesell, Lars Martensen, Alexander Röder
Voice RecordingRalf C. Adam, Alexander Röder, Michael Kairat
Voice TalentsAart Vedder, Matthias Keller, Peter Heusch, Roberto Capelluti, Elke Schützold, Monike Hessenberg, Claudia Nix
Testing & SupportMichael Kairat, Michael Backhaus, Rico Ottofülling, Sascha Ramali, Gerald Reiman, Thomas Stahl, Matthias Stiffel, Hedi Tennstädt, Dirk Turowski
Project LeaderArne Peters
Manual Illustrations/PhotosMatthias Kriesell, Lars Martensen
Layout & SetMaren Selke
CoordinationJürgen Reusswig

The Historical Background additional manual / Der historische Hintergrund Zusatzhandbuch

Texts and Historical ResearchJürgen Kiel, Dirk Turowski, Matthias Stiffel, Peter Schwindt
DrawingsMark Yates, Andreas Adamek
Layout & SetMaren Selke

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