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Shinji Mikami's finest hour. PlayStation AkibaTechno (248)
Jurassic Park meets Resident Evil PlayStation ETJB (447)
Dino-Riffic PlayStation Peter Vincent (3)
Cool. I was drooling when it landed on my bedroom desk. PlayStation Jamie Hall (5)

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Dreamcast 12 3.6
PlayStation 34 3.9
PlayStation 3 2 5.0
PSP 2 5.0
PS Vita 1 5.0
Windows 15 3.5
Combined User Score 66 3.8

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PlayStationGaming Age
Thankfully, the limited control doesn't detract from the games' undeniable fun. Dino Crisis is a thrill ride from start to finish that carves its own unique niche in the survival horror genre. The gameplay is fresh, the plot is theoretically possible, and the dinosaurs are terrifying. I think Rick sums it up best when he turns to Regina and says, "This is just like that movie."
PlayStationGame Critics
In Dino Crisis, we have a game that is more concerned with pulling you into it and letting your mind work itself into a frenzy. It uses basic gameplay and ingenuitive pacing to put players on edge and accomplishes the rare feat of letting gamers scare themselves. Case in point is my partner here at GameCritics.com, Chi. Although a wily Resident Evil veteran, Chi was constantly jumping out of his pants while playing and that was pretty concrete evidence to me that Capcom had gotten things right.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
I must admit that I had pre-judged Dino Crisis before I ever set eyes on it and assumed that this would be nothing more than a sub-standard Resident Evil type game. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to actually improve on the Capcom horror classic in almost every department. Stunning graphics, gripping sound effects, terrifying gameplay, challenging puzzles and multiple costume changes on completing the game. On the downside there is only one playable character. However, the playing area is massive and the puzzles are demanding therefore if you don't cheat it should take some time to complete.
In the end, the narrow view is that Dino Crisis is Resident Evil with dinosaurs, and the big picture view is that Dino Crisis broadens the vision that Resident Evil once conceived. I really like Dino Crisis -- and all of the changes it's made to what once was Resident Evil 1&2. In a way it's remarkable what's been done. In fact, I'm on the verge of loving it. But it doesn't scare me, and it doesn't creep me out, and it's not Resident Evil, so I should really stop comparing the two. The only problem with that idea is that Dino Crisis -- no matter how many changes or advances it's made, or how big it is -- is...well, Resident Evil...with dinosaurs.
PlayStationPSX Extreme
In conclusion, the combination of great graphics, the already proven gameplay and the addition of other extras make the game a very good Survival Horror title. If you were a fan of the Resident Evil series, this is a must have. If you are like me and were never a big fan of this genre, give this game a try.
While Capcom didn’t create the first title in the survival horror genre, it’s quite clear that they have a firm grasp of it on the home console. The Resident Evil formula has been so very successful for them, and now has spawned an offshoot title of sorts. Here’s the equation: swap out zombies and locale, factor in dinosaurs and a polygonal environment, stir in a few more elements and you have Dino Crisis. Not as scary to be sure, but there are definitely enough ‘shock’ points (think dogs crashing through windows) to make this worth RE and 3D adventure fans alike. Those who dislike the typical RE control scheme will likely find Dino Crisis unapproachable, however.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden)
Till skillnad från Resident Evil-serien så är Dino Crisis helt tredimensionellt. Visserligen finns det ett par förrenderade bakgrunder, men i regel så är allt uppbyggt av realtidsrenderade polygoner. På så sätt får Dino Crisis en annan typ av fernissa som ger sken av att vara otroligt fräsch och interaktiv. Atmosfären är det heller inget fel på. Det känns inte som Resident Evil, trots att principen är densamma. Det känns på något sätt mer verkligt att se en Tyrannosaurus Rex braka genom en vägg än att bevittna hur en G-typeboss transformeras. Skräckelementen blir mer subtila eftersom det på något sätt går att relatera till dem. Hur sjukt det än låter.
PlayStationEurogamer.net (UK)
Dino Crisis is almost a perfect progression from the Resident Evil series of games. Die hard fans on the survival horror genre might not find the game as scary as it should be, a couple of big lizards coming at you just aren't as creepy as a room full of half rotted zombies, but the new enemies are quick and deadly enough to make you jump in a darkened room and rest assured there's more than plenty of blood. Essentially this is Resident Evil with big lizards but there's by far enough added extras to make it stand on its own two clawed and scaly feet, making Dino Crisis a must have for fans of the genre and newcomers alike.
PlayStationSpel för Alla
Den som vill vara elak kan kalla Dino Crisis för Resident Evil med dinosaurier. Visst är de filmiska kameravinklarna och de hotfulla miljöerna snarlika. Men Dino Crisis tar ett stort hopp i utvecklingen på många punkter. Grafiken är avsevärt mycket bättre och miljöerna är fullständigt interaktiva. Dessutom gör en rejäl 3D-motor att de tjockhudade motståndarna rör sig ytterst realistiskt. Tyvärr känns Dino Crisis lite för kort. För att spela sig genom det krävs knappt sju effektiva speltimmar, om du inte kör fast vill säga. Å andra sidan finns det tre olika sätt att klara spelet på.
PlayStationMega Fun
Dino Crisis ist nicht gleich RE, so viel steht jetzt schon fest. Vielmehr entführt Capcom den Zocker in eine andere Dimension des virtuellen Horrors. Der geschickte Einbau der überzeugenden Grafik und der guten Sounduntermalung unterstreicht einmal mehr, dass Shinji Mikami der King of Horror schlechthin ist. Mit Sicherheit nicht nur eine nette Alternative, sondern ein weiteres Highlight in der Geschichte des PlayStation-Horrors. Knackige Rätsel und intelligent agierende Saurier. Aber warum keine Analog-Steuerung? Biohazard 3 machte es vor!
PlayStation 3APGNation
I really enjoy Dino Crisis, even to this day, but there are some things that haven’t aged well. Remember when I talked about the controls? Well they do inspire moments of fear and terror, but it is frustrating to die or take damage because of bad controls. Sadly, even the re-released versions of Dino Crisis have not fixed the controls, so your analog sticks will be quite useless on the PS3 or even PS2 if you play it on disk. The graphics are nothing to write home about, either, though they did look good in their day. I can’t think of any other issues with the game, though, I still think it’s a fun game. My final take on Dino Crisis is that it has held up relatively well for a game of its age. If you are a fan of survival horror style games, it might even be worth a shot at the low price of $5.99. It’s still a great game and one I recommend for anyone looking for a romp through a dinosaur infested research facility.
PlayStationQuebec Gamers
Si vous aimez les Survival Horror, Dino Crisis est un classique dans le genre. Je le recommande spécialement à ceux qui aiment les Resident Evil et qui cherchent quelque chose de semblable. Malgré un peu trop de puzzles, le jeu a ses moments mémorables, je pense entre autres au combat contre le T-Rex à l'héliport. Si vous vouliez plus d'action et plus de dinos, Dino Crisis 2 est carrément un jeu d'action et il est aussi très bon! Si vous feelez plus Survival Horror, le premier Dino Crisis est pour vous.
Finalement, Dino Crisis est un renouvellement du genre très agréable. Reprenant les qualités indéniables des Resident Evil au niveau du scénario et de l'ambiance "film", il se dote de nouveaux atouts qui convaincront les plus blasés.
PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games
With it's multiple endings, fast pace, and seemingly endless action sequences, Dino Crisis is a game that everyone needs in their collection. With only the minor control issue and familiarity going against it, you really can't go wrong. Capcom has once again raised the bar for the genre they created. Those who haven't quite been grabbed by the survival-horror bug might not be grabbed by this title either. Otherwise, go for it.
DreamcastDigital Press - Classic Video Games
With it's multiple endings, fast pace, and seemingly endless action sequences, Dino Crisis is a game that everyone needs in their collection. With only the minor control issue and familiarity going against it, you really can't go wrong. Capcom has once again raised the bar for the genre they created, but if if you've never played played the PS One version extensively. Those who haven't quite been grabbed by the survival-horror bug might not be grabbed by this title either. .
When you're Capcom, there's no such thing as too much of a good thing. This is evidenced by the impending deluge of Resident Evil/Biohazard spin-offs; Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Oni-Musha (the RE-style samurai game), and now Dino Crisis. A brand new excursion into the world of survival-horror, Dino Crisis is a fresh experience that abandons that creepy Umbrella laboratory for a taste of Jurassic Park. Not only that, but Dino Crisis is unique in that it so closely borrows from the RE series. But in regards to the storyline, this game is not related to it Resident Evil at all.
After capcoms continuos success with the Resident Evil Trilogy they turned to a new storyline incorporating the same engine and visuals as used in Resident Evil. In Dino Crisis you play agent Regina sent to Ibis Island to rescue a professor who was meant to of died during an experiment of "Pure Energy". But surprisingly the experiments has bridged a gap between the real world and the Jurassic period (hence all the dinosaurs). I must say I previously bought this game for the PSX after buying a few of the Resident Games and I thought it was brilliant, with good action sequences and puzzles that were hard but not to hard. Although the plot as been said and done before with the "Jurassic Park" era its still a decent well thought plot but you may get lost in some in depth scenes. If you've never played any of the Resident games (god help you) then you may need time to adjust to the controls which can be tricky at some points.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Dino Crisis is misschien niet zo spannend als zijn met zombies bezaaide broertje maar voor fans van het genre zeker het proberen waard.
Alle jenen, die Resident Evil mochten oder sich einfach nur gruseln wollen, kann ich Dino Crisis trotzdem uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Grafik- und Technik-Fetischisten sollten jedoch die Finger davon lassen.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Mann, ist das spannend! Dino Crisis sollte man am besten im Dunkeln spielen. Dann wirken die Schockeffekte, wenn zum Beispiel ein Saurier laut brüllend auf Regina losstürzt, besonders dramatisch. Gut hat mir auch die fast übergangslose Verbindung der Cutscenes mit dem Spiel gefallen. Gerade noch hat ein Dino in einer Zwischensequenz den Hubschrauber zu Altmetall verarbeitet, da jagt er schon hinter mir her. Nur für die niedrig aufgelöste Grafik, die zudem noch kräftig wabert, gehören die Entwickler dem T-Rex vorgesetzt, denn dadurch geht ein wenig Atmosphäre verloren. Trotzdem: Mit Dino Crisis hat Capcom ein spannendes Action-Adventure abgeliefert, das gekonnt filmreife Handlung mit stimmigen Knobeleien verbindet.
PlayStationOfficial U.S. PlayStation Magazine (OPM)
The story, music, and yes, even the voice-acting are all above-average. All in all, a very worthy new chapter in survival horror, with a little room left for improvement.
PlayStationSvenska PlayStation Magasinet
Ett modigt steg in på mer arkadorienterat territorium. Alla element som gjorde skräckgenren så populär är inkluderade, men direktheten i spelets vapenbaserade action kräver högre fart.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Sapperlot! Kaum zu glauben, dass man sich so am PC erschrecken kann. Wenn mich ein Dino zu Boden schleudert und mir die Waffe aus den Händen fliegt, steigt ein realer Anflug von Panik auf - obwohl es ja "nur" ein Spiel ist. Klar, das Abschießen von Urzeitviechern, das Öffnen von Schlössern und kleine Rätseleinlagen sind nichts wirklich Neues, doch das macht eigentlich nichts, weil es so brillant umgesetzt worden ist. Der größte Haken an der Sache ist die Grafik. Sie fällt zwar etwas detaillierter als beim PlayStation-Vorbild aus, doch gerade bei heftigen Kameraschwenks wabert die Umgebung wie durch ein Aquarium betrachtet. Immerhin sind alle Dinos und die Heldin sehr fein animiert. Da merkt man es erst auf den zweiten Blick, dass alle Dialoge bei geschlossenen Lippen ablaufen - alles Telepathen? Ich empfehle trotzdem allen weltoffenen Action-Abenteurern: Dino Crisis kaufen, Zimmer abdunkeln, Lautstärke hochdrehen, Gamepad in die Hand nehmen und dann jede Menge Spaß haben.
Passé le cap de la grosse frayeur lors de l'écran de titre pixélisé et laid comme pas possible, Dino Crisis se veut un jeu dont l'adaptation ne risquera pas de ternir l'excellente réputation de ses développeurs, ni même la lignée de titres qu'ils ont déjà engendrée. Voici donc un soft qui signe au final une très bonne performance, alliant un scénario fouillé à un gameplay et une réalisation de bonne qualité. Une preuve finalement que les adaptations des titres issus de la console sur PC ne sont pas toujours des échecs cuisants...
WindowsPC Gamer UK
Dino Crisis is a terrific little adventure full of atmosphere and some genuinely scary moments. But is a let down by a slightly irritating control system and the experience, while gripping, is far too brief. The story, albeit pure Hollywood nonsense, is brilliantly told and becomes the driving force of the game. Dinosaurs don't quite have the fear factor of zombies, but so what? It can become a totally absorbing experience and for the twelve or so hours it takes to complete you'll be drawn into its dark world of monsters and evil scientists. Michael Crichton eat your heart out!
DreamcastMega Fun
Ja, Dino Crisis macht nach wie vor Spaß! Der gekonnte Mix aus Dino-Terror und knackigen Rätseln kann immer noch vor dem Screen fesseln. Dass Capcom allerdings den ersten Teil weder angepasst noch in irgendeiner Beziehung verbessert hat, lässt die Annahme zu, dass es sich um Faulheit handelte! Erfreulicherweise sind viele Optionspunkte in der vorliegenden japanischen Version in Englisch gehalten und lassen auch dem europäischen Spieler eine Chance, den Plot erfolgreich zu beenden. Allerdings frage ich mich, wie sich der hohe Importpreis rechtfertigen soll, wenn man die PlayStation-Version bereits für 20 DM im Gebrauchtwaren-Markt auf jedem Flohmarkt finden kann.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast
Dino Crisis suffers a lot more than Capcom's other quick PlayStation ports. Whilst the game does boast some of the best Capcom survival horror gameplay yet, there is no excuse for such an obviously lazy port and a complete lack of tidying up of the game engine. Despite all this, the game is available at a budget price so if you can look past the aged graphics, there is a great survival horror title here to be had.
Capcom auf dem Recycle-Trip! Ihren PSone Klassiker nach ewigen Zeiten irgendwann mal ohne nennenswerte Veränderung auf Dreamcast zu portieren, war schon eine recht dreiste Leistung. Auf der anderen Seite freute man sich als Dreamcast Fan über jedes Survival Horror Spiel, wenngleich der Spielspaß hier übrigens nicht sonderlich lange währt - je nach Vorgehensweise seid ihr bei Dino Crisis nämlich schon nach 10-15 Stunden komplett durch. Bis dahin ist gute Unterhaltung aber garantiert!
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic
Finally, although the puzzles are clever, they all fall into three main groups: unlocking doors, rearranging boxes, and turning on power generators. I like Dino Crisis, but it's really just a "by the numbers" adventure.
Gut, aber zu spät. Die schöne Atmosphäre und der hohe Spannungsbogen beweisen, dass die Capcom-Entwickler immer noch die Meister des Survival-Horror sind. Wenn jetzt noch Zeit investiert worden wäre, um die Grafik auf das heutige Dreamcast-Niveau anzuheben und evtl. ein paar neue Features einzubauen, wäre das Spiel ein Top-Titel geworden. Dazu kommt noch, das Dino Crisis doch schon ein gewisses Alter vorweisen kann (immerhin gibt es auf der PSOne schon die Fortsetzung). Für alle diejenigen, die noch nicht das Vergnügen hatten, die Dinos auf einer anderen Plattform zu spielen und für eingefleischte Fans des Genres eine klare Empfehlung. Allen anderen sei RE: Code Veronica aus gleichem Hause ans Herz gelegt.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
Dino Crisis is een Playstation conversie die ondanks de jammerlijke gebreken toch redelijk goed overeind blijft.
One strong reason for most people to get Dino Crisis is its cost. Priced under 20 bucks, it's definitely worth a purchase if you're a fan of the survival/horror genre that Capcom has mastered. It's just too bad there's really nothing the Dreamcast version of Dino Crisis has to offer to those of us that played it last year. I can whole-heartedly recommend this game to Dreamcast fans who have never played the game... just don't expect any huge bragging rights over those PlayStation owners.
While the upcoming sequel to Dino Crisis is its own beast entirely, the original is so similar in theme and execution to Capcom's Resident Evil series that it seems more like a side story to Resident Evil than a new game altogether. Replace the zombies and lickers with raptors and tyrannosuars, and you have the general idea. With Capcom remaining one of the Dreamcast's most staunch supporters since the system's launch, it comes as little surprise that the original title has made the transition from the PlayStation to the Dreamcast. Unfortunately, Dino Crisis is an example of what can go wrong while porting a game from an underpowered system to a next-generation system.
WindowsJoystick (French)
Le coktail reste inchangé : exploration, résolution d'énigmes, atmosphère pesante et chasse aux vélociraptors. La prise en main est simple. En revanche, cette version PC n'exploite pas grand-chose des capacités techniques de nos bécanes.
DreamcastAll Game Guide
Dino Crisis is an interesting and exciting experience for those that enjoy this genre, and any of you hooked by CODE: Veronica that haven't played this one yet are advised to give it a spin. However, if you've already played through the game two years ago, there's no real reason to spring for it again, as nothing new of note has been brought to the table.
DreamcastEurogamer.net (UK)
Capcom have released a lot of games on the Dreamcast lately, including quite a few ports from old PlayStation games, and unfortunately, Dino Crisis is not the best of them, not even the best of the survival horror games. Still, if you're new to the genre, it's one of the tidiest efforts, even if it's starting to show its age, and if you own the sequel, this demands to be played for the sake of completion. If only they had taken some time to refine it for the DC audience though. Ah well.
PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Yes, there are lots of really solid things about this game, like the graphics, music, the great-looking, single-skinned dinos, and some nice cinematic angles. And the T-Rex scares, some of the level designs, and one or two of the branching sub-plots kept me playing for a while just to see what was around that next corner. But when I think of dinosaurs, I think about outdoor areas with room to fight or run for your life in (like the first three Tomb Raider games), not some raptors popping out of a desk or through a door. Again, if this is your sort of thing, go for it- I guarantee that you’ll have a grand old time with Dino Crisis. Call me an egghead if you please, but I like the bite in my horror to come from above the neck, not below (if you catch my drift)...
Un Resident Evil avec des dinosaures, tout en 3D temps réel, ça a de quoi séduire. Dino Crisis est plus dédié à l'action que ses équivalents gore, et s'avère très convaincant sur ce point. Cependant, le jeu est moins prenant que les Resident Evil, à cause d'une atmosphère moins envoûtante et d'un manque de variété des ennemis rencontrés, même si le scénario accrocheur qui offre quelques arborescences bienvenues et le fait de casser du dinosaure ont tout pour plaire.
PlayStationThunderbolt Games
Overall, Dino Crisis is fun the first time you play through it, but I don’t think that this is going to be a title that I ever go back to. While incorporating a lot of good ideas, some of them are poorly implemented and downright annoying. I was able to pick the game up used for about two dollars, and I think in the end that the purchase was well worth it. If you’re up for a scary, Dino Crisis should enter your collection immediately.
WindowsTotalVideoGames (TVG)
It's a shame when publishers/developers want to make a quick buck by producing a simple port. Dino Crisis is a good PlayStation game, however on the PC it's nothing more than a pile of Dino turd. Ok maybe that's just a little too hard but when playing this game it really didn't feel right, not on a PC.
DreamcastOfficial Dreamcast Magazine (U.S.)
Resident Evil with dinosaurs = big fun with big guns and very, very big teeth.
WindowsGamezone (Germany)
Die Welt von Dino Crisis wartet dank der aufwendig entwickelten Schauplätze mit einer noch nie erreichten Detailtiefe auf. Capcoms atmosphärisches Kamerasystem der Resident Evil-Serie wurde nochmals verbessert, um den Ereignissen wahre Kinoqualitäten zu verleihen. Die Verbindung aus einer verzwickten Handlung, interaktiven Nebenrollen und reptilischen Monstern, die sich vor ihren Vettern aus dem Jurassic Park nicht verstecken müssen, macht aus Dino Crisis mehr als nur ein einfaches Spiel - nämlich ein fesselndes Filmerlebnis: Jeder neue Schock und jede Entwicklung der Handlung ziehen den Spieler tiefer in ein packendes Abenteuer.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Die im Vergleich zur PlayStation verbesserte, aber für PC-Verhältnisse immer noch durchschnittliche Grafik ist der wichtigste Grund, warum Capcoms Dino-Saga keine höhere Wertung einfahren kann. Was die Entwickler sich außerdem bei der lieblosen 1:1- Konvertierung der PlayStation-Spielmechanik gedacht haben, bleibt mir schleierhaft. Selbst die Einstellungsmenüs geben sich mit Hinweisen auf den „Fernsehschirm“ peinliche Blüten, vom unfairen Speicherpunkt-System ganz zu schweigen. Im Fall von Dino Crisis wiegen diese Fauxpas doppelt schwer, da die spannende Story und dichte Atmosphäre für einen Platz in höheren Wertungsgefilden gut gewesen wären,
I'm all for more console games on the PC -- it saves all of us money in the long run, and gives us an opportunity to play titles like Metal Gear Solid, Rayman 2, and Soul Reaver in higher resolutions, and with pixel-perfect framerates. Of course, that's if the developer chooses to work the assets of the PC platform. There's also the downside, a sludgy, muddy world filled with such horrors as Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VIII. You don't need glasses, that's pure, unfiltered blur you see before you. While Capcom's latest PC port, Dino Crisis, fares better than most due to its polygonal engine, it still suffers from a serious case of port-i-tis that keeps it from even sporting a glimmer of gloss against this year's models, Quake Team Arena, Sacrifice, and Alice.
WindowsGame Over Online
Over the years, Capcom has made their presence felt in the PC industry by porting such popular console series as Mega Man and Resident Evil. In fact, both Resident Evil 3 and Mega Man Legends are both currently in development for the PC but in the meantime, Capcom has begun to port another series, Dino Crisis.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Had Capcom wat meer moeite gedaan om van de PC-versie iets beters te maken zou deze Dino Crisis waarschijnlijk een cooler game geweest zijn.
PlayStationGame Revolution
Despite a slick new 3D engine, Dino Crisis manages to do just about everything worse than Resident Evil 2. It's not as scary, the rooms all look the same, the puzzles are far more tedious, there are far fewer hours of gameplay, and the action isn't as good. Take my advice and save your pennies for Resident Evil: Nemesis (PSX) or Codename: Veronica (DC). I'm positively drooooling over those games.
Capcom's Resident Evil was released on the PlayStation in January of 1996. The game popularized a new genre, which video game players call "survival horror" and PC game players call "Alone in the Dark clones." Dino Crisis was one of the many games that followed the Resident Evil formula to the letter - its main selling point being that it was from the same designers. Almost a year and a half after its release on the PlayStation, Dino Crisis has been released for the PC. And though it has some startling moments and a few fun sections, it's mostly just a mediocre version of a mediocre game.
It feels funny reviewing a game which already has a sequel out on the shelves, but that's how it is when you have to fool around with PSX port jobs. And let me tell you, although I enjoy a decent story and the constant quality of game design seen in these Japanese action sagas, I just can't f-ing stand the constant lack of essential PC features any more! I could say I played most of the bestseller ports: Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear Solid, just to name a few, but there has always been something lacking in these otherwise immersive and well-designed games. And that lack of that certain "something" in Dino Crisis made me so frustrated I had to load up a genuine PC title during playtime in order to vent out all the PSX-style-o-gameplay accumulated frustration. On the other hand, playing a PSX game is just like making love to an inexperienced chic (hold on there, I'll explain). Sure, you have to try extra hard to get her going, but when you do…
Sure, having a raptor suddenly jump through a window at you will raise the pulse rate, but after awhile it becomes… sadly boring. Maybe it's the lack of variety. Once you've killed one overgrown lizard, you've killed them all (and what's with the supposedly dead dinos coming back to life? Zombie-dinos?). Maybe it's because you're so looking forward to taking on the Mother of All Terrible Dinosaurs, the T-Rex, but realize he only makes a few scripted appearances. Maybe, just maybe, the genre has officially become stuck in a rut. Capcom is betting Dino Crisiswill become the next big deal in survival horror. Wish them luck. Let's hope the PC port of Dino Crisis 2 fares better…
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
My biggest gripe is the ugliness of the text, which just seemed too pixelated for reading eight inches away from the screen. As a game in the survival-horror genre, DINO CRISIS has exciting gameplay and story, and is well worth the price if you haven’t played it already. Veterans move elsewhere.
WindowsEurogamer.net (UK)
I am massively disappointed with Dino Crisis, and left wondering how it was ever a success in the first place. With a predictable storyline, childishly designed puzzles and some simply awful graphics, there is very little to haul this game from the clutches of Pantsville! Fortunately the creepy atmosphere still manages to break through the mist of poor quality surrounding this game, and at least keeps you playing the thing. I am not opposed to console conversions, far from it, I would just like to see more care and attention used, even it if involves rewriting the game code from scratch. Avoid this unless you really haven't anything better to do.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Интересно, есть ли в Японии, стране победившего плейстейшeнизма и дримкастинга, персональные компьютеры? Сомневаюсь. Зачем они им? Скорее всего, японцы создают тексты и таблички, посылая финальный результат непосредственно на принтер через импланты, а придя домой после долгой и утомительной корпоративной работы, тут же садятся за любимый аддон к телевизору Sony... Ну разве нужны им эти громоздкие РС-чудовища?!
Dans la grande lignée des adaptations bâclées, Dino Crisis est presque meilleur sur PlayStation que sur PC. Loin de bénéficier de la puissance des PC, le jeu conserve en fait les défauts de la version console. Répétitif, pas angoissant pour un sou, avec un scénario et des rebondissements vus et revus, Dino Crisis ne mérite que de sombrer dans la gamme Budget de l'éditeur.