Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title screen
Helicopter from the intro
Intro: guy ending up as dinosaur food
Sequence before exploring
Moving through the complex
Gruesome view of a victim
Combination puzzle
Eye to Eye with one of the beasts
Wandering in the shaft
In the control room
Got a panel key
Searching in another room, a corpse on the floor
Pointing gun at raptor
Another fight

Dino Crisis Screenshots

PlayStation version

Start menu
Newspaper clipping about Dr. Kirk
Game start
Entering the facility.
Equipment menu
Mix screen
Closed door
Entering the storage room.
Pushing some shelves.
Regina talking with her comrade.
Running around the complex.
A gruesome scene
Generator room
Generator puzzle
First dino to be killed in the game.
Climbing the ventilation shaft
Ventilation system
Some extra ammunition
Control room
Reading an e-mail.
Another cadaver
Climbing the stairs.
A witness to the massacre.
Dinosaur biting Regina's arm.

Dino Crisis Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Costume selection
Game intro
Intro CG: is that star on his helmet any reference to S.T.A.R.S. in Resident Evil?
Intro CG: a T-Rex "barking at the moon".
The S.O.R.T. team arriving at the facility.
When moving from a place to another through a door, ladder or else, you'll see a loading screen like this.
Here it all starts...
By pressing the action key/button over some objects you get info about them.
Objects you can get are displayed at higher definitions than the background.
You found a key.
The mix screen: here you can mix items to make new ones.
Pulling a lever in your first puzzle.
Your first puzzle
You find your first dinosaur.
Regina poses for a photo with her prey.
Map screen with instructions for your target location.
You'll be prompted to save your game when leaving certain locations at the game.
You're dead.
Game over
Operation Wipe Out - Title screen
Operation Wipe Out - Mission briefing
Operation Wipe Out - Mission start
Operation Wipe Out - Being attacked by your first target.
Regina has been thrown into the ventilation fan.