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Discworld Noir

Discworld Noir Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (English version). The bright ball over the "New Game" button is your cursor in most screens in the game.
Options menu (English version).
Lewton's Office
My one and only love...
Talking with the first mate of the Milka about passengers (subtitles on). People in Ankh-Morpork have a rather cavalier attitude towards other people's lives.
Oh, what a place!
The dialogue interface.
Cafe Ankh: Inside.
Inside the Villa von Uberwald.
A conversation with the old count in the night.
Lewton's notebook. The entries can be used as conversation topics. As the story progresses new entries will be add and old removes.
Inside the Temple Of Small Gods.
The priest of the Temple.
And object or a person of importance is highlighted in this way.
Outside Saturnalia Casino
Your buddy, the troll Malachit. Intellectual conversations are NOT his forte...
Lewton wants to know why does the troll female singer Saphir have so much money...
Lewton investigates the crime scene... What does this word mean?
Another way to see the world.