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Print advertisement - PC Player 03/1996:
    Terry Pratchett's


    Mit der Synchronstimme von Tom Hanks, Eric Idle und Bill Murray

    „...‘Genial’ ... Discworld verdient ein derartiges Prädikat ...“
    PC Games, 87%

    „... einen der größten Angriffe auf die Lachmuskeln in der PC-Geschichte“
    TV Today

    „... ein echter Adventure-Knaller ...“
    Play Time, 89%

    „... überzeugt durch Gameplay und Humor ...“
    PC Spiel

    Discworld ist komplett auf Deutsch. Mit der Synchronstimme von Tom Hanks, Eric Idle und Bill Murray. Erhältlich in jedem Kaufhaus oder im Fachhandel.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (199070) on Apr 09, 2010.

Print advertisement - PC Player 04/95:

    Terry Pratchett's

    Erhältlich für PC & PC CD ROM
    Mit deutschem Bildschirmtext und deutscher Anleitung

    Erleben Sie die Scheibenwelt!

    Von einer gewaltigen kosmischen Schildkröte wird sie durchs All getragen, und Magie macht auf Ihr das Unmögliche zum Alltag.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (199070) on Apr 02, 2010.
    Clearly, Discworld on PlayStation is a must-have title for Terry Pratchett fans, but the humour and sheer visual and aural panache with which the gameplay is delivered means that it will appeal to any fan of graphical adventures.

    All the usual fantasy gaming cliches turned upside down in a melee of cartoon chaos, and crazy puzzles. The huge playing environment encompasses 4 epic quests which will take at least 100 hours to complete. Incredible cinematic effects - including fades, pans and close-ups - enhance the cartoony graphics. On the sound front voices are provided by the late Jon Pertwee, Eric Idle and Tony Robinson.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Oct 03, 2004.

Unknown Source:
    As quoted from the back cover:

    "You'll find here wizards, dragons, heroes and household hygiene specialists. There is danger here, but there is also custard around the place. Because Discworld is a fantasy world with a low reality threshold. The real world keeps on breaking through - but Discworld changes it.

    So you'll find here things that you sort of recognise.

    Discworld has got photography (tiny imps paint the pictures) and movies (tiny imps paint really fast) and it is even getting its second generation of computers now that the old stone circles don't work fast enough.

    However, because it is a fantasy world there are some things that it has to have, and one of them is a certain tendency to experience some trouble with dragons.

    Unfortunately, a dragon is now ravaging Ankh-Morpork, the world's leading city. Many people would consider this falls under the heading of civic improvement, but what Ankh-Morpork needs now is a hero. All it's got, however, is Rincewind the wizard, whose only talent is that he is not in fact dead yet. He also has the Luggage, the nastiest piece of travelware in the Universe. With that at his side, there is probably no limit to the things he can fail to do...

    Oh, did I say he? I meant... you.

    Beware of anyone who TALKS LIKE THIS and carries a scythe, and remember that a loaded pun sometimes goes off...

    ... and have fun.." - Terry prachett (himself)

    Contributed by Tomer Gabel (4642) on Aug 05, 1999.