Discworld Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

There it is, the Discworld (Intro sequence)
This does not bode well (Intro sequence)
Here they are, Rincewind and The Luggage. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Whatever you do, do NOT call him a monkey
These hooded figures summoned the dragon that you're called to get rid of
The Unseen University - where wizards are educated
The game provides some different perspectives from time to time
The wizard's feast!
Now and then this character pops up to explain certain events of the past, and provide some of the game's most hilarious moments
The overhead map, and Ankh-Morpork in all its glory
The local beggar
A back alley with a toilet
Stuck on the roof!
The local pub - Broken Drum

PlayStation version

The common loading screen on the PlayStation
The Discworld (Intro sequence)
Some dragon summoning hooded figures (Intro sequence)
This does not bode well (Intro sequence)
Grand wizard is concerned
Title screen
The first act
Wakey, wakey
The first scene with Rincewind
In-game menu
Opening the closet with a spell isn't going as planned
Taking my wallet from the closet