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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Selecting difficulty level.
Loading screen with story reminder.
Starting a new game.
Leaving the boat on the way to your first objective.
Though very scarce, there are a few minor dialogue choices you can make in the game.
Some in-game cutscenes can be skipped.
Tutorial kicks in whenever new moves and abilities become available.
Protecting the Empress from the unknown assailants.
The Empress was killed, her daughter kidnapped, and Corvo is being set up.
Approaching the distillery district.
Talking to characters will iterate over several different things they have to say until they start repeating themselves.
Your action affect the game story and events which is especially noticeable when you re-visit the areas you've been to.
Sneaking up to an unaware guard leaves you with several options.
Silent kill.
The way Corvo is holding his blade indicates whether he is in stealth mode or just plain walking.
Fighting the thugs.
While they can block your swings, they can't block your bullets.
Blowing up a couple of thugs with a grenade.
Sneaking up from the rooftops.
After rendering the enemy unconscious be sure to move the body to a less conspicuous location.
You can use blink ability to teleport to a nearby otherwise unreachable areas.
There's a lot of patrols on the city streets, it'll be tricky to sneak past them all.
Fencing with the enemy soldier.
Engaging walkers in close combat can be suicidal, aim from the distance at their weak points instead.
Captured by the band of assassins.
Dream sequences usually appear whenever you learn new ability.
A guide in your dreams.
Your mask may hide your good looks, but its gizmos and upgrades will aid you in your quest.
Throwing bricks at the loose boards to dig your way out of the prison pit.
There are two main vials in the game, red one for health, and blue one for mana you use for your special abilities.
Eating various food your can find will slightly replenish your health.
Walking through the vent shaft by possessing a rat.
The enemy guard is patrolling up the stairs... need to time it perfectly so you don't get spotted.
Jumping down might kill you, but using blink to teleport closer to the surface just might work.
Watch out for acid spitting plants.
Using mask's optical zoom which is one of the upgradeable gadgets.
Taking out the guard with the sleeping dart.
Setting the attackers on fire.
Block your enemy's wings to expose them for counter-strike.
Mission objectives.
List of upgradeable powers.
Use bone charms to enhance your character, but you are limited to how many you can use at the same time.
Aside from key items and weapons, your inventory shows plans you have with which you can upgrade your weapons and outfit.
Pause menu.
Area map.
Enemies will evade your attacks.
Quick selection wheel.

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Intro in a rather Half-Life style - Corvo rides this boat and can look around.
Beautiful architecture of the imperial palace
Corvo decides to wait with the actual quest. He goes to the docks and looks at the water...
Combat is based on dual-wielding pistols and blades, as well as blocking
The poor Empress was brutally murdered... her last words are addressed to Corvo
Corvo is thrown into prison....
Many items can be found and scavenged
You can read books and documents scattered through the game world
Yuck! Get ready for sights like this. The more people you kill, the more of those unattractive creatures you'll meet
In this bar you can hang with your new friends and receive quests in the early portion of the game
You can purchase and upgrade equipment
Corvo's room. Five stars it is not, but all those posters are kinda cozy
This screen is for power-acquiring and RPG-like upgrades
Here, good doggy! Sit! I have a bomb for you riiiight here!.. The problem is that the animal keeps barking when he sees me, attracting the guards
You equip your rune-detecting heart device and lean slightly to take a peek outside. Government buildings have a cold, almost "Soviet" look in the game'
This district is a step up from the rat-infested slums of the lower city. Time to equip my trusty Blink magic on the left hand and start hoppin'
Overseer Campbell may be a bad man, but he sure knows how to party. So yes, there was booze; but TWO bras is a bit overkill, don't you think?..
Slackjaw is not afraid to put a wanted poster of himself right there in his office in the whiskey distillery
I love climbing up high, taking a comfortable seat, enjoying the view, and listening to people talk to each other
Dr. Galvani is a mysterious person. At least we know that he has a good taste in arts
Corvo just cut off an officer's head and is proudly carrying it to this gorgeous whorehouse. Maybe he wants to impress that lady of questionable conduct walking in front
You can kill a guard, put a hooker to sleep, and place their bodies next to each other while looking at all the detail in the scenery. Kids, don't do it at home!
A guard is trying to stop me with his bare fists. I got distracted admiring all those lavish photographs on the walls
Dishonored is not in fact the third installment of a well-known adventure game series with lots of puzzles and a distinct visual style
Sometimes it's cozy
Sometimes it's downright breathtaking
And sometimes it's sickeningly beautiful
What do you think, is it cozy or dreary?
Kinda busy here! Also, her mummy doesn't even look like one...
It's like playing hide and seek, in a way, only more fun
Most missions begin with such boat-riding cutscene, some essentials being explained to you
I don't think I need dark vision to figure out I want some whiskey!
I'm sorry I have to subject you to such a sight - but I find it quite impressive, in its own scary way. This is the result of a Summon Swarm spell cast only twice in a row...
The game's interior locations are magnificent. Here, you attend a masquerade in a rich person's house
This is pretty Deus Ex-like, don't you think? The Blink spell allows you to access all sorts of places. Also, note the realistic water drops
The Flooded District is one of the game's most desolate locations. It's still very beautiful in its own way
There are some crazy monsters here that just blew that poor guy away - poisoning you in the process!..
This relationship develops too fast for me... Okay, seriously: the more people you kill, the more people will get sick - the game's very interesting ethical message
That's it, man. I'm tired of all those assassinations and betrayals and stuff. Booze and art - these two things have always consoled me...
It was a lovely day... Cozy pub, streetcar rails, guards chatting merrily, a crazy tall robot walking around... It's better than Hainan Island
Behold my power, ye mortals!! I cast a whirlwind on this entire city! Muahhahahaaa!... Ok, it didn't work, but... I tried! Muahhha!..
We are nearing the game's final mission. It will take place in this sinister-looking location...
At one point you'll go through this beautiful, yet bizarre dream sequence
Good thing the light fixtures are so sturdy
Setting enemies on fire - always something to remember
It went right through her skull... Yes, you can be very cruel in this game - if you so choose...

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main Menu
Loading screen for Dunwall Tower
Scene from the introduction, where you get ferried by boat to the empress
Your first mission involves the daughter of the empress and you get to learn the basics of hiding your character.
New moves and skills are displayed with an small picture and description
Remember the picture and people, you will meet them again later. And the picture is a collectible.
You learn to fight during your meeting with the empress. Prove yourself!
You can play the game the stealthy way, where you sneak up to an enemy from behind ...
... and strangle him. You can also opt to leave him unconsciousness.
Collect money to buy items.
Doors are usually closed. It is advised to peep through the keyhole first before opening the door.
Guards become suspicious if you are not careful.
You current objective is marked on your screen with a distance meter.
Rats in packs attack anything in sight ... use this to your advantage.
Everyone's favorite ... the sewers.
Books can be found in all locations, they only provide background information though.
Beware of the rats ... you have to make your way past them without alerting them to your presence or they will attack.
Yummy ... rat on stick to replenish your health.
Your trusty crossbow. The second ranged weapon besides your pistol.
Quick access menu for your weapons.
Safes are scattered around the world. Knowing the combination usually rewards your with money or other useful items.
Some items that you can collect are needed to buy upgrades for weapons.
The guards is unaware of your presence. Use this to you advantage.
Always try to use the high grounds to avoid confrontation.
Summary screen after a mission. Collectibles for each mission are displayed to the lower right.
You will get ferried to your new mission by Samuel.
Two of your new allies ... you will grow fond of them (kind of)
Your current objectives
This guy is the shop in your home base, be nice to him as he also provides upgrades for your weapons.
Whale oil is the energy source in Dishonored. It can also be used as an explosive barrel.
You have a weird dream ...
... where you will meet a guy name "The Outsider".
He provides you with some new abilities and a special item called "mechanical heart" which will help you locate runes and charms.
Once it is equipped, runes and charms will show up on your screen.
Bone charms provide perks for your character.
You can also use the heart to look inside NPCs and hear what they are thinking.
Peering through the peephole before opening a door.
High ground is safe ground.
The game features some real weirdos. Pull the lever for some funny comments from this guy.

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