Disney•Pixar A Bug's Life Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Starting the first level.

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Main menú.
Flik at the beginning of the game. You can see Dot in the background.
Flik throws berries at a wasp.
Flik throws berries at those evil, non-anthropomorphic ants.
Our hero in close-up
Flik has upgraded to blue berries.

Windows version

The game's menu is designed around the ant hill theme with options being accessed by scrolling left & right
The start of the first level. Flik must get into the ant hill to be sent on his mission. There's a loading pause like this before all levels
At the start of the game, and at the start of each level there is a short video sequence. Here a lookout is warning of the approaching grasshopper horde. It does look better in-game
The options menu contains a key redefinition screen
An in-game shot from level one. The character moves well and the music & sound are good. The mushroom in the lower right is the only plant Flik can grow at this point in the game.
The little yellow things over the mushrooms renew Flik's energy and the wasp is an enemy
The flying bug is Flik's friend Francis who guides him through level one.
Ahead is a blue seed token which, when collected, will allow Flik to grow another kind of plant
A few tokens later and Flik can grow three kinds of plant
The score screen, in this case the level has been ended before completion