Disney•Pixar's Monsters, Inc.: Scare Island Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Before the star menu, you get a full CGI scene not seen in the film.
Start screen.
Main menu.
The first cutscene, showing Mike and Sully on their way to monster training.
Character selection.
During monster training, you will be shown how to play the game by Roz.
During training, robotic children called "Nerves" will give you a chance to practice scaring children.
Complete the initial training and Mike and Sully will receive additional training from Henry Waternoose personally...
... For which there are for sections.
Load screen.
Collecting these cans of green ooze are needed to scare children.
Collecting the Monster Inc. coins are needed for you to earn a silver medal in each level.
Finding snacks will restore you health.

Windows version

Can't you shut up? (from the intro)
Character selection
Doing some basic jumping training with Mike
Mike tries to scare someone :)
Does he look scary? No :)
Haha... Mike's the best
Boss talk
THIS one looks scary alright
Start of the first real level
My favourite Monsters Inc character beats it again