Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Inside Big Ben
Watch out for the bus.
Rescue your siblings from these crates.
The first battle with Cruella
The Park
This bird will save your game.
Select your level.
Toy Store

Windows version

The game starts with a lengthy animation that lays out the plot. Cruella's toys aren't selling, this she reasons is because kids spend their money on pets. Solution - kidnap all pets in the country!
The game's menu. Left/right arrows switch between levels. Up/down arrows switch between the main game, mini games, options etc
At the start of the game only level 1, Regent's Park, is available
At the start of the level there's a friendly guide who explains the controls
Puppies are locked in crates. They are released by rolling into them
The action keys. These can be redefined
One of the bad guys on this level. Baddies are killed by barking at them.
A puppy is about to be rescued
Barking at a baddie to destroy it. Unfortunately it's out of range
Radio controlled cars are the fastest baddies on this level
Game Over - the character has three lives and when they're gone the player must start again at the beginning of the level. The score, however, is retained.
This ends the level and triggers a 'Save Game' option
The save game screen. This game must be enormous because after thirty minutes of play it's only 2% complete.
There's a short delay while the game loads each level.
One of the baddies from level 2. This one takes three barks to destroy