Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen / Main menu
The game starts with an animated sequence in which she summons her brother Jafar and announces her plans resurrect him after disposing of the sultan, the princess, Aladdin and the genie
The game begins with another short animation in which Aladdin awakes to find he is a wanted man and that the city's new ruler is Nasira
Now the real game can commence
The genie gets Aladdin away from the guards sent to capture him. The action starts on this rooftop
In the early stages Aladdin runs into a lot of gold coins and lamps. Each lamp is an information point where the genie pops up and explains the game's controls
The big hoop thing is a checkpoint and the silver token is an important genie token that's used to grant wishes at the end of the level

Windows version

Main menu
This is the casually sneaking mode Aladdin has. Ignore the scimitar.
The Genie will give you advice along the way.
Collecting coins in Agrabah.
Getting into my first swordfight on the streets of Agrabah.
In-game cut-scenes show the next objective.
Get those apples to toss them at enemies or just to cause a distraction.
Target practice with the apples
Sliding down a rope across town.
Level end stats
Between levels you can play games like this for bonuses.
These fire breathers are a nuisance.
I'm getting cooked alive.
Exploring the palace.
This hammer swinging guy is really fast!
Be wary of that crocodile in there.
As Abu you will have to try and rescue Aladdin.
The guards' room. This is where they keep their weapons and juice boxes.
Lago acts as the checkpoint.
Abu tries to get past some dangerous traps.
The duel with Razoul
Watch out for the giant snake at the Oasis.
Fighting the giant Arachnid.
Follow the scarab to the Cave of Wonders.
The Cave of Wonders appears.
Inside the cave are pitfalls-o-plenty.
Running away from a mummy in the pyramid.
Anubis electrocuting Aladdin in battle.
As Jasmine you'll sneak around in this vase in the Crumbling Palace.
The Ancient City is falling apart! Run away Aladdin!
Fighting the evil Sultan up above the city.
Things get a little warm inside Nasira's Lair.
Aladdin vs Nasira and Jafar.