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Disney's Aladdin

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Game Boy Advance

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A good action game in Capcom way SNES Mumm-Ra (379)
Completely different from the Mega Drive version, but still an excellent adaptation of a Disney favourite. SNES Stsung (53)

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Platform Votes Score
Game Boy Advance 6 2.7
SNES 26 3.5
Combined MobyScore 32 3.3

The Press Says

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SNESThe Video Game Critic
Particularly in the "Genie" levels, the visuals are wonderfully imaginative and colorful. High-quality music plays throughout the levels, and you'll instantly recognize it if you've seen the film. Yes, there is a lot of platform jumping, but this game is more forgiving than most platformers. Should you just miss a ledge, Aladdin will at least hang on the side, giving you a chance to climb back up. There are several areas where you think you've lost a life, only to have something save you at the last moment. In the final boss encounter the villain Jafar transforms into a huge cobra, and it's pretty astounding. A bit of slowdown threatens to mar the otherwise excellent gameplay, but it's not a show-stopper. A password is provided to save your place. I've grown somewhat weary of platform games over the years, but I know a good one when I see it.
SNESGamePro (US)
Great graphics and wonderful game play aside, this cart presents no real challenge to the average gamer. It shouldn't take more than one afternoon of your time, especially with the inclusion of a password feature. It's a great time for kids under 12, though, who will thrill to the wonders of the Disney movie over and over again through this game. See if you can beat the evil doings of the Grand Vizier Jafar, then hand the game over to your little brother or sister or your kids and let them do some wishin' on their own.
SNESGame Players
This is the one without Digicel animation but who cares? It's got smooth moves, tons of personality and a final boss that's better than the Genesis version. It's only drawback is that it's too short and easy.
SNESGame Freaks 365
I've heard of this game for quite a long time, but have never played it, until now. As short as it is, I still was impressed with what I played. The level design, character designs, and item layout all seem flawless. Too bad 2D platformers aren't this good in the 21st century.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Excellent game. Capcom has definitely delivered the goods with the great gameplay, graphics, control and soundtrack. While the animation may pale in comparison to the Genesis version, this cart shouldn't be overlooked.
SNESSuper Play Magazine UK
The between-level presentation isn't a nice as it might have been, with the story unfolding in a rather dull, leaden way, but the levels themselves are simply fabulous. Aladdin himself is just as dexterous as he was in the film, and perfectly controllable. The graphics are excellent - both the backgrounds and the sprites, which are animated to Disney levels of perfection. The music's not too hot - bad songs played badly - but the sound effects are ok. Overall verdict: Great to look at, very involving, and jam-packed with laughs. But in no time at all it's all over. It depends on what your after really - a short, intense burst of gaming heaven, or something you're still going to be playing a week later.
SNESNintendo Magazine System UK
It's beautiful both to play and to behold but the pleasure trip just ends too soon.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Zwar gelang Capcoms Mannen die beste Animation, die Ihr je auf dem SNES zu sehen bekamt, und auch die Spielbarkeit verblüfft durch eine Perfektion, die man sonst nur von Marios Klempnereien kennt - doch leider blieb den Entwicklern bei all dieser Perfektion der Grundelemente keine Zeit und kein Speicherplatz mehr für unterschiedliche Feinde, Levels und Endgegner: Noch nicht einmal am Ende der kurzen Levels wird mit Ausnahme des ersten und des letzten ein Obermotz geboten - Ihr rennt einfach aus dem Bildschirm und der Level ist zuende. Allzu sehr merkt man dem Modul seine begrenzte Kapazität von 10 MBit an, das begeisterte Spielerherz lechzt geradezu noch mehr Abwechslung. So aber zerrt die fehlende Substanz das gesamte Spiel in die zweite Jump&Run-Liga.
SNESPower Play
Die Unterschiede zur hervorragenden Mega-Drive-Version sind frappierend: Aus dem geschickten Aladdin wurde ein bockiger kleiner Kerl, oberwitzige Endgegner wichen langweiligen Wackelsprites und vom genialen Levelaufbau der Mega-Drive-Version blieb nur noch ein schnodderiges Allerweltsgehopse. So verwandelt sich der fesselnde, faszinierende Mega-Drive-Aladdin in einen durchschnittlichen 0815-Jum'n'Run-Helden der im ausgereizten Super Nintendo Jump'n'Run-Bereich nach Aufmerksamkeit ringt. Die Mega-Drive-Version in allen Ehren, doch Super NES-Besitzer sollten sich lieber Super Tiny Toons oder Magical Quest vornehmen. Um die versammelte Aladdin-Fangemeinde nicht vollends zu verschrecken, muß dem Super Nintendo-Aladdin zugestanden werden, daß auch diese Version ein nettes Jump'n'Run in Capcom-Qualität ist.
I was wary that the five dollars I spent on Aladdin wouldn’t be a good investment, but as it turns out, I’m actually quite pleased. After fifteen years, this is still a pretty good 16-bit platformer, which is even more impressive given that it’s based on an animated movie. It may not have the violence of the Sega Genesis version, but that’s excusable. The use of passwords means that I can easily go back and play this game stage by stage without having to start from the beginning each time, so I will probably spend a lot more time with Aladdin once the busy review season is over.
SNESHigh Score
Det är egentligen bara en sak som gör att jag inte ger det här spelet en femma direkt. Det är på tok för enkelt. Ett plattformsproffs knäcker det här spelet på ett par timmar och det utan att använda spelets lösenordsfunktion.
ALTHOUGH it has been around for a while, the magic behind Capcom's brilliant platformer Aladdin means this cartoon is still worth bringing to your attention, as it is easily one of the best, and more importantly most accessible, platform games for the SNES to date. It is one of those rare games with the ability to please people who don't think video games were made with them in mind.
Game Boy
Dix ans après avoir été acclamé sur Super Nintendo, Aladdin est de retour sur GBA dans une version identique à celle de l'époque. Toujours aussi plaisant à jouer, Aladdin est un incontournable de la plate-forme qui compte parmi les meilleures adaptations de jeux Disney. On déplorera simplement l'absence de bonus ou de quelconques améliorations, et surtout une durée de vie vraiment légère.
Men plattformsmomenten fungerar bra, och grafiken är lika detaljerad och mjuk som i Mega Drive-versionen. Heta öknar, mörka grottor, lavasjöar, arabiska natthimlar och ståtliga palats målas upp med stor detaljrikedom.
Capcom nous livre une adaptation honnête, très respectueuse du film, et plaisante à parcourir de bout en bout. Il est cependant dommage que ce plaisir soit de si courte durée, et que le scénario ait été expédié aussi rapidement. Sans aucun doute un bon jeu à recommander, mais assez loin de la qualité de la version Megadrive, dirigée par Virgin Interactive.
Alles in allem ein netter Disney-Hüpfer, der viele schöne Ansätze, vor allem im grafischen Bereich, aufweist, aber hinter den Erwartungen zurückbleibt. Was dem Spiel fehlt, kann ich nicht genau definieren, aber der Replay-Reiz ist für mich persönlich nicht vorhanden.
Game Boy Advance1UP
"It's Prince Ali, merry is he, Ali Ababwa." There you have a line from a classic tune for fans of the original film. As the song is to fans of the movie, Aladdin for the Game Boy Advance is to those who owned a Super NES back in the early 90's. Following in the footsteps of previous GBA releases like Final Fight One and Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, Aladdin is another come-as-you-are port of a 16-bit classic from Capcom.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN
Capcom's originally released Disney's Aladdin to coincide with the theatrical film back in 1993. History repeats itself, as this Game Boy Advance game was originally set to ship last year, but it was held up in storage so that it can be released along side the Special Edition DVD of the film, now hitting shelves. The year in storage didn't really hurt the Game Boy Advance game all that much since it's already aged more than a decade, but to be fair the original game design wasn't all that exciting to begin with. The portable rendition is a pretty spot-on conversion of the somewhat uninspired Super NES game, tweaked a bit to better fit the portable market. It's fun while it lasts, just don't expect anything more than a solid, standard platform experience based on the great Disney flick.
In many ways the problem with Aladdin is integral to the licence. It’s a mainstream property so it has to be geared to satisfy the casual player first. And the big drawback with this is that it makes the game way, way too easy. We finished all seven levels in just one hour of intense playing – that roughly equates to a pound per minute. Fun while it lasts, but it doesn’t last long enough.
SNESRetrogaming History
Aladdin può essere quasi interamente definito come se fosse un aggiornamento grafico del Prince of Persia di Jordan Mechner con il quale condivide, oltre alle principali meccaniche di gioco, anche le ambientazioni arabeggianti. Il gioco farà felici i fan del film ma tolto questo aspetto non rimane altro che un platform anonimo e niente più.
Il gioco farà felici i fan del film ma, tolto questo aspetto, non rimane altro che un platform anonimo e niente più. Non ci viene in aiuto neanche il fattore estetico. Meglio, quindi, rivolgersi all’adattamento sviluppato da Virgin, più action ma sicuramente anche più appagante sia a livello di gameplay che di fedeltà alla pellicola Disney.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy
Disney's Aladdin is one of the better 2D platformers on a system overloaded with 'em, a testament to its quality. If you're an old-timer who played through the SNES version, there's no reason to revisit the past, but if you're new meat, check it out.
Game Boy AdvanceNintendoWorldReport
Alright, see here. I'm running out of stuff to say about Aladdin. It is the one of the ports you were afraid would flood the GBA when you heard it had SNES-like capabilities. It is quick and dirty, and tied in to another product to boot. If you like Aladdin a lot, go for it. If not, then I don't think you would get this game anyway. Aladdin GBA is thankfully not shovelware, so fans of the movie are not being taken in, but I cannot really recommend it to anybody else.
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US)
A decade after the theatrical release of the animated film and several 16-bit console versions, Aladdin gets the official GBA treatment from Capcom, but should anyone care?