Disney's Chicken Little Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
Intro - Chicken Little is about to get trampled and miss the bus once again
Cute loading screen
This game sports clear objectives!
Collectibles - find all five cards in a level and trade the set for special cheat codes
Chicken Little uses his trusty yo-yo to climb poles
Foxy Loxy hatches a mean plot featuring wind-up "the-sky-is-falling" Chicken Little replicas
Chicken Little demolishes a wind-up enemy, with (again) his trusty yo-yo
There are lots of long careening pipe slides
With enough coins collected to buy a soda, Chicken Little straps it to his back, jumps up and down, and...
...in a carbonated burst he achieves lift-off
This is not as easy as it sounds!
Two seconds until the crash!