Disney's Dinosaur Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen
The game's main menu
Starting a new name. The game allows only three characters for a player id.
Starting a new game. After entering their three character id the player is treated to an excellent animated sequence which sets the scene. Nice rainbow effect.
This is one of the game's load screens. They are shown while the game transitions from one section to another. They start as a picture which is gradually obscured as the load progresses
The start of the first part of the game which is effectively a tutorial.
The scenery may be very box-like but the characters are well drawn
Each character has their own screen of stats.
The player can swap between characters and combine their abilities to accomplish tasks or they can press L1 & R1 together so that they move as a group
Stone like this, as the text says, are the game's save points
Aladar, the big one who breaks rocks with his head, can only jump chasms at the smallest point. If he fails he ends up at the last save point and must catch up