Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
Forest Level
Watch out for Skunks
Construction Site
High Jump
A Side-Scrolling Level
Haunted House
In Gyro Gearloose's laboratory
Stage selection area of the first world

Nintendo 64 version

Menu screen
Daizy been kidnapped by Merlock in the intro
The place where you start
Just fooling around
The Forest Edge level
Gyro giving hints
Getting all the toys for the nephews
The Dangerous Cliff level
Finding an extra life
Fighting someone in the Gorge level
Standing proud on the Track level
Nice river
The first boss battle
First Avenue level on Duckburg area

Windows version

Though the game is the UK version it still offers a choice of languages
The game's title screen
As each section of the game loads the player gets to see a pretty picture like this. The status bar is across the bottom of the screen.
Games can be saved. This is the screen that is shown when a saved game is loaded
The game starts with an animated introduction which shows Daisy, intrepid girl reporter, infiltrating the baddies lair live, on-air, and of course talking all the time
Gyro has a way to help Donald save Daisy but he needs more power so Donald must first set up a reflector dish on the top of a mountain. What could go wrong?
It took ages to work out how to exit Gyro's lab and until that happens the game does not begin. This is the way out but I cannot divulge how it is triggered
Donald arrives at the place where all jumping off points begin.
Hughey explains that Donald has to collect bits of machinery. Character interaction is triggered by approaching them and standing in the right spot
So the game consists of running, jumping and collecting stars
There are great chasms to be crossed which requires expert timing
red boxes must be jumped on because they release starts and other stuff
Baddies and inconvenient elks can be thumped. Using the thump key while Donald is in the air causes him to kick
The player has only three lives. Fail on a few jumps and they are soon used up
Main menu
Story introduction
In front of TV
Who will save Daisy
Outfit swapper
Enter initials
Loading screen
The Gorge
Hard braking before the precipice
Blocked road requires double jump
The metal rack
Huge Duck
Teady Bear
The Track
Platform travelling
Over the abyss
Check point
Outfit gained
Fault rock
Fury after being hit by an enemy
Power up
End of level
Overlap the enemy from the rear
Power up taken
Puzzle gained
On the platform
Final stage boss
Surrounded by chickens
Boss defeated
Stage 2
Loading screen
City heights