Disney's Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Choose difficulty.
Swimming in the vault.
Map of the world.
Mission details.
Flying to Africa.
Random tips.
You must find the big treasure.
Left or right?
The treasure is yours!
Climbing to the top of the rock.
Watch your step!
Our opponent was faster...
Photo session in Africa.
$2150 for photos - that's nice.

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Language Selection
Dialogue between richest ducks in the World
Finding the rare coin in the pool of money
Playing at Stock Exchange
World overview
Location and Treasure details
Get ready to take off
You are still in hangar
Balloon is on your way
The plane should be fixed
Reading "Junior Woodchuck Guide"
Starting to search the treasure in the maze
Mummy is scaring you
You were saved by Launchpad McQuack
Beware the flying bandit
Glomgold got another treasure
In the jungle
Examining gold at Macaroon Island
Glomgold on the front cover
Do not be upset! You'll win another time!

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Dialogue between richest ducks in the World
Swimming in sea of money
You have found a rare coin
Business news
Stock portfolio
Studing the company to buy their shares
World overview
Location and Treasure description
Get ready to take off
In the skies with Glomgold
Your aircraft was crashed
Reading "Junior Woodchuck Guide"
Starting the perilous mission in the jungle
Glomgold got another treasure
Climbing to the treasure
UFO is taking you
Finding your way in the cave
Oh, no! The pit!!!
You were rescued!
No all photos were successful
Examining the both sides` gold
You lost the contest...
Glomgold won the contest!

DOS version

Title screen
Introduction - Glomgold challenges Scrooge
Choose you difficulty setting
Take a dive into your money pit
Play the stock market
Select a treasure to go after
Description of the treasure, time it takes and how much it's worth
Lift off!
Watch out for those fireworks and those pesky balloons
Crashed your plane? Gyro will fix it
A tip before starting the level from the Junior Woodchucks guide
Swinging on the vines, Tarzan style
There's the treasure! Just a little further
The grappling hook is very useful
Navigating the caverns
Taking snaps with Webbigail
You got the treasure!
Glomgold got to the treasure before you
Scrooge in the lead
Wildlife photography: a "regular" tiger and a Tiger Lily
Wildlife photography: the Tiger Lily got so startled that even its flowers jumped!
The treasure of the labyrinth (anyway, the labyrinth is probably the hardest type of puzzle - too random and unforeseeable location of pits)
Wildlife photography: the Blue Moose and the lynx
Wildlife photography: three Dolly Llamas