Disney's DuckTales 2 Screenshots

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Game Boy version

Title Screen
Opening Story
Level Select Screen

NES version

Title screen.
Japan Title screen
A map.
Scrooge at Niagara Falls.
The sprites are basically the same as in the first game. The backgrounds are slightly more detailed.
At a ship.
Scrooge pulling the cannon.
Old castles are back in the second game.
Weird things happen, but there are not so much hidden rooms as in the first game.
Very nice graphics for a NES platform.
The rocks on the floor look real.
Some parts of the game are really tricky.
4 pieces of the map out of 7
Υou can find Gyro in 3 different stages - talk to him and he'll give you power ups for the pole
Τhe 2nd location where you'll find Gyro and get a power up - assuming that you don't fall down of course
Α place before you solve a secret puzzle…
...and the same place after
The pyramids outside…
…and inside
Using a mirror to find a hidden room…
…and getting a secret treasure that worths 1000000
Avoiding a boss attack
I don’t think I can avoid this one too
Finding a piece of the map
On a rubber raft
The boss in Niagara Falls
Talking to others may prove useful
Talking to this guy will enable you to leave from a stage
This pole is really useful
If you check every wall you'll find many secret paths
Once you clear all of the stages the ship (final stage) sails again
The final showdown
Fighting the D-1000 - that was close
Scrooge talks with a nephew.
Scrooges talks about the legend of lost city.
Look at that big treasure chest above!
Climbing on vines.
Using platforms.