Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Hawaiian Discovery Screenshots

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Windows version

The game's title screen
This is the secret agent 'Bubbles Cobra. He is the games' narrator
This is the game's difficulty selection screen. Each tiki has a different name but basically the bigger it is the harder it is.
This is a screen the player will see a lot of. It is displayed as the game loads another section.
The game starts in Lilo's Pa Hula. It's a dance school where the player gets to watch a short dance lesson and click on objects and watch the amusing animations they trigger
This is Area 626. Here the player must search for Stitch's things among the foliage
Hoaloha Doggie! In this mini game the player must scare all the dogs so that they stay hidden. The object being that Stitch is the only creature Lilo sees and subsequently adopts
Hoaloha Doggie! When Stitch starts growing additional appendages he can no longer scare the dogs
The Wikiwiki Trails The maze stays the same but later levels become more complex. The player can plan their route via the yellow arrows at each intersection
The Wikiwiki Trails One of the later levels. Our heroes cannot get to the bridge on the right because the barrier is down. To operate it they need to earn coins by helping someone
The bottom right corner has a tab that opens up like this. It allows the player to change the game's background music
The island map charts the player's progress