Disney's Tarzan

Disney's Tarzan Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

No controller pack found
Title screen
Welcome to the jungle
You can't see me?
My friend
Like a monkey
Watch out, birds can hurt.
Many moneys
End of level
Save is impossible.
Going ape
On creeper
Slide starts
Take money

Disney's Tarzan Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Game start
Tarzan and Terk as kids.
Tarzan hanging from the vines.
Tarzan throwing fruit at the baboon.
Hollow trunk
Tarzan climbing a tree.
Tarzan using the impala as a bouncing spring.
End of the level
Bonus level
Tarzan swinging from the vines.
Tarzan breaking some rotten roots to find a hidden cache.
Tree surfing
Bonus level - Riding the stork
Baby elephant
Tarzan diving in crocodile-infested waters.
Elephant stampede
Tarzan bouncing on huge flowers.
Adult Tarzan using the vines.
Twisted tree trunk
Climbing a rock wall.
Tarzan fighting a leopard.
Jane running from the baboons.
Tarzan and Jane
Terk climbing a pole.
Huge crate blocking the way.
Swinging crates.
Camp ropes
End of the level, with all the human characters
Hippo family
Boat ropes
Boat stairs
Piranha river
Tarzan riding the elephant.
Henchmen throwing crates at Tarzan.
Clayton chasing Tarzan.
Tarzan fighting Clayton.
The game's controller configuration can be checked in-game but cannot be changed
The in-game movies can be viewed at leisure but first they have to be unlocked

Disney's Tarzan Screenshots

Windows version

Title/Menu Screen
Teasing Your Mommy
Starting Your 1st Level
Lightness Strikes the Jungle's Paths
Your Friend - The Monkey One
Striking the Enemies
It's Visible That Your Char Doesn't Even Touch the Above Tree
There Are Many Tunnels Like These
Going Up
Better Knife in a Hand, than a Bird on the Tree... hehe
Jumping off the Antilope
Zooming Is Done Automatically from Time to Time
When You Finish a level, You Can Always Repeat a pre-level Movie
Take bananas
Like a monkey
Level complete!
Bonus level
On the river
Anti-gravity moneys