Disney's the Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure

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Game Boy Color

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Game Boy Color 2 2.3
PlayStation 2 4.5
Combined User Score 4 3.4

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PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Simba's Mighty Adventure ROARS! The kid in me really enjoyed playing this game. Gameplay has quite a bit to offer, the levels are somewhat challenging and adventurous, there is some cool mini-games and bonus puzzles too. I like the fact that the gameplay flows in line with the original storyline of the Lion King. Simba's capabilities and challenges grow with him; from a fearless cub to the king of the beasts. All ages should find this a truly entertaining game to play.
Game Boy ColorPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
La jouabilité reste le talon d’Achille de ce titre. Ce n’est pas que notre félin favori ne soit pas maniable, mais ses déplacements manquent considérablement d’inertie. Cela rend certains passages assez délicats à franchir. Difficile de reprocher quoi que ce soit d’autre au jeu. En effet, graphisme fin, haut en couleur et animations incroyablement détaillées sont au programme.
Game Boy ColorJeuxvideo.com
Un très bon jeu de plate-forme possédant une réalisation graphique fabuleuse et qui fera sans nul doute, le bonheur des amateurs du genre.
PlayStationPSX Nation
It's indeed a 'paradox' (which is also the name of the developer) that a license as big as "The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure" was given such mediocre treatment with the gameplay, graphics and control. Yet, when it comes to sound and movie clips, no expense was apparently spared by either Disney Interactive or Activision (go figure!). For the $40 asking price though, you're getting an evening-long game that high on production values but low on replayability. Your call.
Game Boy ColorGame Informer Magazine
This being both a Game Boy Color title and a Disney game based on a movie that's over six years old, I guess my expectations for Simba's Mighty Adventure could best be described as low. Much to my surprise, this is actually a fun game. The graphics are stellar when compared to the normal fare we're treated to on this handheld, and the gameplay equals the visual presentation. The only problem with Lion King is that it's too short and too easy. Those with just moderate platforming skills will be able to complete it on their first sitting. It's fun while it lasts, though.
Während die ältere Spielergeneration das Joypad aufgrund der insgesamt doch recht kurzen Spielzeit und des niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrades recht schnell zur Seite legen wird, werden alle jüngeren Simba-Fans sicherlich glänzende Unterhaltung finden und durch die zahlreichen Mini-Games und Filmchen, die auch separat anwählbar sind, immer wieder zu dem neuesten Jump&Run aus dem Hause Disney zurückkehren. Insofern versteht sich die Wertung auch als Ergebnis eines Kinder-Jump&Runs. Im direkten Vergleich zur Konkurrenz für die älteren Freunde von Hüpfspielen können getrost 20% von der Gesamtwertung abgezogen werden, denn von der Klasse eines Crash Bandicoot oder Rayman ist Simbas großes Abenteuer etwa so weit entfernt wie ein Mini-Cooper von der Formel Eins.
As I played Simba's Mighty Adventure, it became apparent that this is one of those games you play once or twice and put on the shelf for the next time you want a good laugh. It isn't a terrible game to purchase, but you should probably buy it only if it is on sale. The game has its moments--they may be few and far between, but there are still things that players of a younger age category could really get into. In my opinion, if you want to watch talking cartoon animals you should just rent the movie instead of buying the game.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
In the end, Simba's Mighty Adventure is a solid adventure with some extras to keep younger audiences entertained. While it includes scenes from two movies in its nine levels, the main focus seems to be on the original film. Nice graphics and good control are its strengths, while ordinary gameplay and some perspective problems are its drawbacks.
Game Boy ColorGame Informer Magazine
This game is dull. The animations are attractive, but the levels leave much to be desired, and the challenge factor is hideously low. I could only see very young children digging this one.
Game Boy ColorGamekult
Bref, Le Roi Lion passe très proche d'une note explosive. Malheureusement sa durée de vie est lamentablement courte et les dix niveaux n'ont pas résisté plus d'une heure et demi au mauvais joueur de jeu en plates-formes que je suis. Le niveau de difficulté ne changera pas grand chose à cet état de fait : Le Roi Lion est un bijou pénalisé par sa durée de vie... pénalisée elle-même par le manque de mémoire certainement du à la débauche d'animations et de graphismes hauts en couleurs. Un cercle vicieux que l'on commence à connaître par coeur sur Game Boy.
I'd like to go on and on about how when I was a kid I was playing games that were about 100 times more complex than most of today's kid-targeted titles and didn't have any problems with them, but I won't. I'll cut things short by saying that even if you're in the market for an overly simple, cookie-cutter, kid-targeted game, there are better ones available on the system. 102 Dalmatians, for one, offers pretty much the same thing this game does but with better graphics, superior level design and much better mini-games. The only reason to pick this up is if your kid really wants a Lion King game, because if he or she does, the chances are that the cinemas and the fact that it's a Lion King game will be enough.
PlayStationGame Revolution
The Lion King: Simba's Adventure is just milking an old cash cow. Not a single spark of imagination went into the creation of this game. You're better off watching the movies again. Not only is the movie a copy of another movie, it's now a game which copies a movie which copies another movie. Too much copying means no innovation.