Disney's The Little Mermaid Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen
Opening story
Stage 1: Sea of Coral
I fire bubbles.
These shells are used to open chests and can kill enemies.
A chest
I shot this fish and now he is bubbled.
Some other enemies, starfish.
Stage 1's boss, a shark.
I got this for defeating that boss.
My stats for that stage.
The story for stage 2.
Stage 2: Sunken ship
Starting stage 2
I lost all my lives. Continue or end?

NES version

The Title Screen... Lovely
Japanese title screen
Story scene
I found a shiny shell :)
Treasure that increases the power of your bubbles
I have an enemy trapped inside a bubble
The first boss is a shark, and the fish are perfect for throwing at him
This is what appears after you beat the boss, collect it and you move onto the next level
Stage clear
Stage 2 -- the sunken ship
A ghost fish inhabiting the sunken ship
The boss eels who occupy the sunken ship
Every platform game needs an ice level, so here is the sea of ice
"Mermaid out of water" story
Usually, piranhas are freshwater fish
The boss walrus
Stage 4
This captain fish boss commands the cannons on this sunken ship to fire at you
Stage 5 -- Ursula's castle
The fearsome stone mouths are the doorways that Ariel uses to transport around the castle
The witch herself
The witch's final form