Disney's Toy Story Screenshots

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Game Boy version

Title screen
Story is told in a nice chunky pixel font.
Our hero Woody.
Lassoing a choo-choo.
Lassoing a low flying plane.
The army men are on the move.
Demonstrating your powers to a piggy.
Level complete!
Incoming humans!
Clearing the pigs way of blocks.
Launching the pig into the toy chest.
An unwelcome interloper.
Chasing Buzz.
Swinging along.
Once wrapped the jumping foes cannot injure you
Checkpoints are flags
Why does Andy own so many sharks!
Title screen (Super Game Boy)

Genesis version

Title screen
Misison objective
Starting position
The only way to jump to that little wardrobe is by bouncing oof the ball
Little green army men! How cute!
Serves you right, evil train! Tied him up with your whip!
Don't disturb me, you pig!
Use the pump to throw all your friends into the box
Balancing on the edge of a chair
Using your whip to destroy the cubes which capture your dino friend
Trying to run faster than Buzz
Dialogue with Buzz Lightyear
Boss battle against Buzz
Car-driving level: hit Buzz to replenish fuel
It's night. Be careful of the planes!
Riding the dinosaur!
Buzz looks confused...
Try to avoid falling hot dogs, hamburgers, and other food
This looks more like a "normal" platform level, with riding ledges
You can destroy this pillar with your whip
Cut scene with green aliens
First-person level!
Can you find yourself among all those aliens?..
This workshop isn't safe. Beware of purple spiders!
Careful, fallen barrels!
This gotta be my favorite vehicle!
Over-the-shoulder car-driving level
Yet another driving level. Stuck in the middle of a highway
Woody and the rocket! Good bye, Woody! We won't forget you...

SNES version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Mission 1 Briefing
Tie up that train!
Even toy helicopters are working against Woody
The mystery is that the balloons hurt you!
A car-driving level
Some story...
How cute! Little green army men...
Outta da way, pig!
Level complete
Cut scene between levels
The only way to reach this chair is to bounce off the ball
What is this, Jurassic Park?
Jumping on the bed!
Running competition between you and Buzz
You take damage if you touch those blue sharks
I hate those stupid clowns!
Woody and Buzz are having a conversation
Boss battle against Buzz
Funny configuration screen