Disney's Winnie the Pooh: Kindergarten Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Splash screen
Splash screen (Finnish version)
This splash screen is displayed as part of the install process
The title screen. The sane screen is used for the Pre-School and the Toddler titles - with different words.
Music plays as Pooh walks across the screen
The signing in post
The map of the hundred acre wood
The print activity menu. As the cursor hovers over each picture the words are both displayed and spoken
An example workbook page. The arrows at the top of the screen scroll through the pages while the arrows at the right side of the screen scroll the page up and down
Musical Mix and Match
The player clicks on any of the items on the right and another item on the left to make an instrument in the centre of the screen
Musical Mix and Match.
The fantastical instrument can be played, in this case by clicking on the coloured lines in the top half
Balloon Game: A random number of balloons are released and the player must click every one, any order, until all have been counted
Balloon Game: When all the balloons have been counted the player clicks the corresponding number on the awning
Balloon Game: Having clicked on the correct number on the awning the player can now pop all the balloons
Thoughtful Place: here Pooh is introducing the controls
Thoughtful Place: The sky and scenery have been changed
Thoughtful Place: A few more objects have been added and the season has been changed
Treasure Hunt: Use the directions on the left to move Tigger around the main map
Word Shop: This is the hard setting
between levels of Shape Sorting this chap popped in. One of the occasional random occurrences that make the game interesting for young ones.
Shape Sorting: Put the each shape into the right bottle
When the player has enough stars, earned by completing a game, they earn one of these