Divinity: Dragon Commander Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Dragon selection - Choose from three available dragon types.
Intro - Background story of the game.
Cut-scene - The mighty imperial ship, the Raven.
The Rivellon Times - Each turn, this newspaper acts as a partial progress report.
Game start - A conversation with Maxos, the Imperial wizard.
The Bridge - Main access point to the strategic map.
Characters - Henry of the House of Lancefurt. One out of two starting generals. Doesn't seem to like our dragon commander much.
The Bar - Some non-player characters (NPCs) may frequent this location.
Characters - Lord Edmund, the second general under the dragon commander's soon-to-be service. He doesn't like our dragon commander either. Not many do it seems.
The Engineering Bay - Access research from this point. Oh, look. An imp.
Characters - Grumio, son of Gromio. The imp engineer in charge of research, with no apparent relation to Shakespeare.
Unit research - Spend research points for new units or abilities.
The Royal Chamber - No one here except ol'Max.