DJ Max: Portable Screenshots (PSP)

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen and main menu
Animated intro
Playing with initial gear (the looks of the falling notes) on Easy setting (4 buttons)
Stage cleared
Unlocked cute new gear
You'll see this screen approximately once in every 60 seconds if you decide to play this game
You need to beat several increasingly difficult stages (music tracks) in a row. You can select the next track.
Every song has a title card
Disc collection - you gotta be a military robot to collect them all
Name entry
Some title cards are cheesy and funky
Things get frantic
In-game options
Just keep that button pressed
You can adjust your gear and speed between the music tracks
Star-shaped gear
Normal mode - 6 buttons
Another title card
Rotate the analog stick as fast as you can
Ugh... gotta maintain that combo...
Another type of gear
Selecting hard mode - 8 buttons
8-buttons play. Very hard, though you probably can't see it on this shot
This one's ultra difficult
Select a video clip (visualization) to watch
Watching a video visualization
Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No.1 in drum-n-bass arrangement with crazy visuals
In club mode you may group unlocked music tracks however you wish
Collectible images gallery
Using the game as audio player