Déjà Vu I & II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

The start of Déjà Vu II.
Title screen.
Déjà Vu I: Start of the game. Waking up in a seedy bathroom stall.
Déjà Vu I: Bathroom.
Déjà Vu I: Remembering something from your past. It's like Déjà Vu all over again!
Déjà Vu I: Hallway outside bathrooms.
Déjà Vu I: Inside Joe's Place.
Déjà Vu I: Upstairs hallway.
Déjà Vu I: Cellar.
Déjà Vu I: Tunnel.
Déjà Vu I: Manhole.
Déjà Vu I: Alleyway.
Déjà Vu I: Mugger.
Déjà Vu I: Car trunk.
Déjà Vu I: This dame could be dangerous...
Déjà Vu I: Police Station.
Déjà Vu I: Falling and going splat.
Déjà Vu I: Game over!
Déjà Vu I: Arrested!
Déjà Vu I: Newspaper stand.
Déjà Vu I: A bum.
Déjà Vu I: Gun store.
Déjà Vu I: Taxi.
Déjà Vu I: Inside taxi.
Déjà Vu I: Inside the gun store.
Déjà Vu I: Sewer drain.
Déjà Vu I: Casino.
Déjà Vu I: Inside elevator.
Déjà Vu I: Looks like something sinister happened here...
Déjà Vu I: Fire escape.
Déjà Vu I: We're in the room with a dead guy! ARRGGHHHH!!!
Déjà Vu II: Goon.
Déjà Vu II: Your hotel room.
Déjà Vu II: Hotel hallway.
Déjà Vu II: Hotel lobby.
Déjà Vu II: Train station.
Déjà Vu II: Inside train station.
Déjà Vu II: A train platform.
Déjà Vu II: Train Conductor.

Windows 3.x version

Déjà Vu I start
Men's washroom
Ace's reflection
Women's stall
Game with the enlarge option activated
Dusty wine cellar
Joe's bar
Fire escape
Sewer section
Hidden room
Weird room
Déjà Vu I - Game over
Déjà Vu II start
Thrown out by the bouncer.
Casino entryway
Thrown out of the train station.
Dragged to the desert to be executed.
Déjà Vu II - Game over
Speaking to the cashier
Blackjack room
Slot machine room
Laundry room
Baggage claim department
Lemonade stand mirage