Djuphavsjakten Screenshots

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Windows version

Loading screen
Intro: Headlines about the fish death
The ocean is full of dead fish
The island where the games starts out
The captain's boat where we can do some research and construct a laboratory
Info about the research project, time it takes to complete and the money it costs
The oceanographers boat
About to build a laboratory
The laboratory is finished
A research report
After building a bathysphere we can go out and explore the ocean.
Exploring the surroundings with the boat
A mission
This mission involves an oil leak
The island is getting more and more populated
Some reports are interactive - click on sun to show the water cycle
Here we have to dress the diver
And here we have to name the different oceans
A continental puzzle
Project overview
Research archive
Photographing birds
Diving cinematic
The icon in the top left corner indicates a project is done
One of many photographs
About to research submarines
Submarines are viewed from a side view
Ouch, someone is shooting rockets at us!
Looks like we have found the bad guy's base
Submarine cinematic
Now we got a second base
Photographing fish
Sending out a deep sea robot to explore the ocean