Dnieper River Line Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Loading part 1
Loading part 2
Difficulty level option
No small task commander
Units status and placement
Mine field placements
Garrisons for minor/major objectives
Game start 0400 - Russians open up with artillery barrage
Turn 1 complete
Battle reports
Unit status after first hour
Battle report both sides in retreat sqr 8,11
Lost a minor objective Rogachev
Objective status - lost major objective Zhlobin
Early morning light 0700 - Russians lay down Smoke screen
Lost two major objectives Rata-Airfield and Parichi
Game end

Atari 8-bit version

Logo/Loading part 1
Logo/Loading part 2
Title screen
Game start; select difficulty level
Accept battle with these forces?
Setting locations...
Setting up minefields...

Commodore 64 version

Difficulty level 4 options
German units given to defend
Troop grid locations - C64 shows on screen battle map
All mine placement
Troop garrisons
Game begin 0400
Artillery counter to Soviet attack
Russian paratroops landing in minefield
Moving Hvy Panzers to help defend Rata airfield
We move our armor back to the airfield then the Russians bring armor to our old position
Artillery still keeping the Russians off balance
Now the Russian's start to soften up areas with artillery
Zhlobin garrison is in trouble from artillery and armor
Russian paratroops deep behind lines captures our HQ grid 4,2
Still pushing back but loosing ground 0800
Our Hvy Panzers are halted at airfield by Russian Aslt Guns
Our troops at Zhlobin are over run and Zhlobin is captured
Lost the Rata airfield, HQ, and Zlobin
Game end

Commodore PET/CBM version

Title/Option difficulty level
We have 5 units to defend the river line
Placing units on map
Garrison of troops complete
Russian's begin battle with Artillery Barrage!
Russian's paratoops landing in minefields
German artillery returns fire to stop advance
First hour turn has Russians pushed back
All objectives still German held
0500 - Russian's begin with smoke barrage for early morning light cover
German artillery responds but loosing ground
Recon is good with 77% disruption of forces
The town of Zhlobin is needing help and under attack
Before next turn we try and help Zhlobin with Hvy Panzer armor but we are stopped

TRS-80 version

Difficulty level 4 options
Achtung indeed.... this is a historic effort
Your troops and units
Unit placement
Minefield placement
Troop garrison of major objectives
Dnieper River Line - battle begins 0400 hours
Initial attack is pushed back
The town of Zhlobin is needing help - Lost Parichi 1st objective to fall
0500 hour - still pushing back in key areas
Requesting additional units - will take 6 hours...
Russians need 2 objectives to win they already have 1 Parichi
Moving armor to help Zhlobin but is halted by the Russians
Second objective falls - the town of Zhlobin is captured
Game end