Doman: Grzechy Ardana Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Checking our Amiga's capabilities to see how much flashy FX we can get away with
blah blah blah, backstory
Title screen
A mood-establishing animation
Main menu
Choose your burly guy
"HE CAN SEE IT WHEN YOU'RE CRYING". A loading image, I think, since you have to insert another disk just before you see this pic.
These guys are insulting him and he is insulting them back.
Don't lose your head...
First level is set in a dark and stormy night, with some lightning occasionally making things visible.
Our barbarian hero comes out swinging.
A block.
Look, a flying soldier. Note their inexplicably English names at the top.
Throat stabbity stab stab.
Oh good, at last someone more interesting to fight than all these soldiers.
Didn't I kill this Ba-Amon already? No time to ponder that, he brought more buddies!
It's not as fun when it happens to *me* :(
Totally brutal game. Look at all these red pixels! Mommy, I'm gonna have nightmares!
Don't mind me, I'm just an unmoving-part-of-the-background NPC.
He gives us a weapon we can choose... (You have to insert disk 2 for the game to load the graphics for the new weapon, then re-insert disk 3 so that you can continue the game.)
...and subjects us to copy protection. Fun fact: one of the possible symbols is the Nazi swastika. I didn't get to capture it tho :(
Let's see if this crossbow is any good.
No. No it isn't.
"Ardan's laughter fills the world..." What's so bad about that? At least it will make the world more jolly 8)
We are rewarded for our death with a short animation. (That forces us to insert disk 5 beforehand)