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Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

It's... Banjo-Kazooie. Except with a little... no, it's Banjo. Vance (98) unrated
Very Good Game Marred by Item Collecting SamandMax (61) unrated
A beautifully constructed game gamewarrior (5064) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.4
Overall MobyScore (58 votes) 3.7

The Press Says

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Total! (Germany)
Donkey Kong 64 ist das umfangreichste Jump&Run, das es je für eine Konsole gab. Mit jedem neu erlernten Move und jedem geretteten Mitglied der Affen-Crew erschließen sich euch weitere Bereiche der riesigen Donkey Kog 64-Welt. Viele Mini-Games lockern den Spielablauf zusätzlich auf, und die lustigen Soundeffekte und Animationen aller Charaktere sorgen fast pausenlos für ein Schmunzeln. Um bis zu King R. Kool vorzustoßen, könnt Ihr an die 40 Stunden einplanen, um alles zu entdecken, müsst ihr noch einmal 20 bis 30 Stunden dazurechnen. Selbst wenn Ihr Donkey 64 dann wirklich einmal durchgezockt habt, bieten die Mehrspieler-Modi, die einzeln anwählbaren Mini-Games und die beiden Arcade-Spiele noch jede Menge Vergnügen. Die sehr präzise Steuerung sorgt zudem dafür, dass eigentlich keine Situationen mehr vorkommen, in denen ihr an einem Sprung oder einer anderen Aktion verzweifelt, da ihr sie einfach nicht hinbekommt.
GamePro (US)
Donkey Kong 64 makes Banjo seem like it's for the birds. It's large and in charge, and it's one of those precious few games that makes you want to play, forcing you to think of nothing else but completing your quest. Donkey Kong stands tall over other similar-minded action titles.
Nintendo Land
Overall this is one of the best games for N64. If you don't have it suggest you should get it. I can't wait to see what Banjo Tooie is going to be like.
DK64 es una obra maestra que ningún usuario de N64 debería dejar escapar.
Super Play
Donkey Kong 64 är det första Nintendo 64-spelet som kräver Expansion Pak för att fungera. För att det inte ska bli ramaskrin i hemmen på julafton kommer det därför att medfölja en Expansion Pak när man köper det prishöjda spelet. Med tanke på att Nintendo redan är det spelföretag som tar mest betalt för sina spel är det en ganska vågad satsning. Samtidigt säger det ganska mycket om hur höga tankar de har om spelet. Efter att ha spelat det förstår man dem. Donkey Kong 64 är en given succé.
Gamers Europe
So good. So supremely good. So Banjo-Kazooie. But so good.
Donkey Kong 64 nie jest grą przełomową dla konsoli Nintendo 64. Wydawać by się mogło, że to już wszystko było, bo nawet sposób z używaniem różnych postaci do rozwiązywania zagadek przywodzi na myśl starego The Lost Vikings. Gra ma jednak w sobie to coś czym nie mogą się poszczycić inne wyśmienite gry. Tym czymś jest rewelacyjne połączenie niesamowitej grywalności z oprawy audiowizualnej jaką ciężko znaleźć wśród tej generacji konsol. Dla posiadaczy Nintendo 64 gra Donkey Kong 64 to tytuł wręcz OBOWIĄZKOWY w kolekcji, a dla tych którzy konsoli nie posiadają warto żeby wiedzieli, że jest to gra dla której warto tą konsolę zakupić.
Power Unlimited
Donkey Kong is nu echt zo'n titel waar je een N64 voor hebt gekocht. Hoe goed je ook bent: hir ben je wel even een weekje of wat zoet mee! Deze game verdient een mooie plek in je gamescollectie tussen Zelda en Mario in. If you wanna be a monkey, be a fucking Gorilla!
A great game, but not perfect. Many glitches occur though out the game, though I only experienced a few. The game is fun, but unless you have time to collect every single object in the game, it can get old fast. The multiplayer options will keep you coming back, however. Donkey Kong 64’s graphics are indeed some of the best, if not the best on the N64. But once again, graphics don’t make the game, and it’s quite sad that we judge them as strongly as we do. After all, no one ever complained about Mario’s pixelated body back in Mario Bros. 1.
Gaming Target
DK64 is a marvelous game. It's a gem for platform geeks like me. And it's a long, and I mean, looooooong game. It will take you at least 10 days to finish it. And that's for the most experienced gamers. Newbies will take longer, much longer to finish it. Maybe it's not a total experience like Zelda was, but DK64 it's a good enough to keep you playing for a couple months out of the year.
Game Critics
DK64 holds so many similarities to Banjo-Kazooie that it would have been easy for me to call it Banjo-Kazooie 1.5. Maybe Rare couldnt avoid that given their time restraints or their ambitious plans of filling the game with all kinds of gaming goodness, but nevertheless the similarities to Banjo-Kazooie are hard to ignore. In fact, DK64 would have garnered a perfect 10 from me had there not been a Banjo-Kazooie. But since I did give DK64 a good run, the games personality finally shone through and its clear that this is an excellent game that actually takes the genre forward. It has great graphics, great level design, and tons of unique and fun things to do. Its similarities to Banjo-Kazooie didnt stop it, they only tried to contain it.
Remember friends, it's yard sale time. It is a prime time to find old video game treasures. I usually find 3-5 games for next to nothing. The majority of games I find have been N64 and Dreamcast... Lower your pride a bit, hustle up a few bucks and just because it's old, doesn't mean it's bad...
In the end, Donkey Kong 64 feels more like a super-sized version of Banjo-Kazooie than it does anything else. And while that should be a great, great thing, it's bound to disappoint a lot of Nintendo 64 owners who had built the title up as the Second Coming.
Au final, Donkey Kong 64 est sûrement la valeur la plus sûre en matière de jeu de plates-formes que la Nintendo 64 ait à offrir. Une durée de vie conséquente nappée dans des graphismes au fait des performances de la console et dont la maniabilité et la profondeur de jeu laissent pantois.
That said, this reviewer feels Donkey Kong 64 offers too much solid gameplay to warrant such criticism, even though it's not the technological marvel that Donkey Kong Country had been in its heyday. Those of you who remotely liked Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie will be excited to the point of numbness by this game. However, for those of you averse to the "collect everything" gameplay mentality, this game might come off as a chore to complete. In any case, Donkey Kong 64 has high-quality adventure written all over it - despite its camera flaws - and it gives you many reasons to see the good-guy Kongs thrive in 3D.
Quebec Gamers
Ce que je peux dire de Donkey Kong 64, c’est que c’est un gros jeu très long. Les environnements sont vastes! C’est souvent difficile de se souvenir de tout ce qu’on n’a à faire car il y a beaucoup de choses à garder en mémoire. C’est quand même un excellent jeu. Il occupera beaucoup de votre temps. Si vous aimez les jeux de plate-forme du N64 jusqu'à maintenant, je ne vois pas pourquoi vous n'aimeriez pas DK64.
Cincinnati Enquirer
Its fun, addictive gameplay, while not original, is some of the best seen on the 64-bit home console. Which all leaves one guessing as to what’s next. Like the one-screeners and side-scrollers of long ago, the 3-D adventure is ready for an evolutionary step. While DK64 may not deliver that advancement, its mastering of elements that have been done to death may be just the spark needed for that next leap.
Player One
À la même hauteur que Mario ou que Golden Eye, Donkey Kong 64, grâce à sa variété ludique, entre dans la catégorie très privée des incontournables de la N64.
Random Access
I like Donkey Kong 64, and I believe it to be a solid title in the Nintendo 64 game library. But it could never be my #1 game of all time, simply because of the high expectations of some of the mini-games. Granted, you can get by with only collecting half of the Golden Bananas, but that's like going outside to your pool, jumping in at one end, popping out at the other, and then drying off and heading back inside. It's important to examine everything in order to attain the full DK experience. Still, I'll recommend this one -- though it doesn't seem likely that it will pop up on the Virtual Console anytime soon. Looks like you'll have to blow the dust off your Nintendo 64 and pop in than banana yellow cartridge to get the thrill -- but be advised that you might tear some hair out. Best to buy a stylish toupée before playing.
PGNx Media
All in all, this is not Rare's best work but it is still an excellent game that pulls out a lot of A material with some C material sitting off in the corners (cameras). This is a game that should be owned by N64 fans, although some will not care for the length and the controls. It is a matter of getting used to them.
The Video Game Critic
You can save your game in progress at any time - a pretty nifty feature for a N64 title! Numerous mini-games are hidden within the main game, including the original Donkey Kong video game, which is a real treat to play. I also have to credit the well-written instruction booklet - it's absolutely hilarious! Donkey Kong 64 is a quality title, so if you're not already burnt out on this type of game, be sure to give it a try.
Game Revolution
Bottom line is you will get a lot of game for your dollar. Even after the 35-40 hours to complete every single last objective the game, there's still a simple, but worthy multiplayer mode to keep you occupied. The real problem is that right to the end, it's just more of the same. There isn't the sharp contrast that DKCountry brought to the SNES as most hoped and expected. While no major ground is broken from Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong is still all there as a 3D platform game. Ok, I'm done with the review, can I have my banana now?
Spel för Alla
Donkey Kong 64 är ett väldigt bra plattformsspel med snygg grafik och bra spelkänsla. En beräknad speltid på 50 timmar gör att spelet räcker extremt länge, även om det finns repeterade moment som skulle kunnat undvikas.
I did like this game, but I just really wanted to love it. The non-linear gameplay didn't work for me, but the colorful characters and superbly designed levels did. Give this game a try if you are a fan of the Nintendo-style adventure, but this game is not innovative in any way. I still have an undying love for Nintendo, and I'll gladly play any games that Rare puts out, but I just hope the company concentrates on gameplay and stops trying for longevity without substance.
Nintendo Life
Undoubtedly, DK64 pushes the N64’s capabilities to the max and will keep most gamers busy for a good amount of time but there is a danger that some may become bored of collecting long before they can reach the game’s brilliantly inspired finale.
Game Freaks 365
After you play Donkey Kong 64 for a while, it gets very repetitive and boring. How fun can collecting nuts be? There is really no replay value, many glitches, such as going through walls, trees, etc., confusing level designs, and it's just a plain old rip off of other classics like Mario 64. This Rare title is a huge disappointment and a disgrace to the Donkey Kong license. This is the perfect example of why Nintendo letting Rare go was justified.
Donkey Kong est non seulement intéressant mais profite d'une réalisation à la hauteur de ce que l'on peut attendre d'une Nintendo 64. Reste que le genre a été maintes fois exploré et que les jeux à venir ajouteront au concept un style beaucoup plus affirmé. En définitive, les plus jeunes profiteront certainement de Donkey Kong...