Donkey Kong Junior

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Coleco Adam
Nintendo 3DS

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Move over, Mario! This game is awesome! NES Alex Baumfull (6)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 5 4.0
Atari 2600 8 2.1
Atari 7800 6 3.0
Atari 8-bit 5 4.0
Coleco Adam Awaiting 1 votes...
ColecoVision 11 4.0
Game Boy Advance 9 3.6
Intellivision 2 3.5
NES 35 3.3
Nintendo 3DS 2 3.8
Wii 4 3.4
Wii U Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined User Score 87 3.4

Critic Reviews

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Gäbe es dieses Spiel in Spielhallen nicht, so würde die Begeisterung über diese Homefasung vermutlich überschwappen im Vergleich zu beinahe allem, was an Nicht-Arkadenspielen dem zahlenden Cassettenkäufer grafisch und inhaltlich zugemutet wird. Es wird nicht viele Besitzer dieses Systems geben, die D.K.JR. ignorieren.
ColecoVisionThe Video Game Critic
This awesome sequel is one of the most underrated video games of all time. DK Junior managed to introduce completely original new gameplay mechanics while preserving the spirit of the original game. This time Donkey Kong's son must save his father from Mario. Instead of climbing ramps and ladders, the action mainly consists of vine-climbing in a jungle environment. Most enemies look like chattering teeth, and you can drop fruit on them from above to knock them off the vines. Like its predecessor, each screen provides a unique challenge, but DK Junior requires even more strategy, and it's a lot harder. This particular version is outstanding - by far the best I've ever seen. The diaper-clad Junior is rendered in five colors, and Mario looks like a little cowboy. I don't think there's ever been another video game quite like Donkey Kong Junior.
IntellivisionThe Video Game Critic
Donkey Kong Jr. is more challenging that the original Donkey Kong, and requires a lot of technique. Most of junior's movements are sideways along vines as opposed to up and down. With four skill levels, Donkey Kong Jr for the Intellivision is always a good time.
NESThe Video Game Critic
All four screens from the arcade are present in this version. Imaginative and fun, Donkey Kong Jr. is a worthy sequel to one of the greatest video games of all time.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
The spawn of the 1981 arcade smash hit Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior is one of the best videogame sequels ever produced. While not necessarily superior to its progenitor, DKJ is more varied and difficult to master. It also sports more colors, sharper graphics, better character animation and a faster climbing technique.
Atari 7800The Video Game Critic
Considering what it had to live up to, this is one hell of a sequel. This time you play Donkey Kong's son, trying to save his father who has been captured. The play mechanics are imaginative, letting you climb sideways along vines. DK Jr. manages to capture the spirit of the original Donkey Kong while providing a fresh new game playing experience. The graphics are excellent and noticeably better than Donkey Kong, but the sound is sparse and can be fairly annoying. There are three skill levels. If you liked Donkey Kong you will like this.
Dafür, dass wir es hier mit einem Spiel zu tun haben, das bereits sage und schreibe ganze 24 Jahre auf dem Buckel hat, ist es auch heute noch für ein kurzes Zwischenspiel gut geeignet. Die Grafik ist super, und die Soundkulisse klingt einfach klasse. Vor allem für Spieler empfehlenswert, die quasi die 80´er-Version von "Donkey Kong Country" einmal sehen wollen. Aber auch Liebhaber des ersten Teils kommen hier voll auf ihre Kosten.
Atari 7800The Atari Times
All in all, this game is enjoyable in spite of the rotten sound and awkward controls. Give it a shot. Heck, it won't cost you much as this is a very common cartridge.
Malgré les quelques défauts de Donkey Kong Jr, celui-ci reste tout de même un très bon jeu oldies qui arrive largement au niveau de son prédécesseur. Les amateurs d'arcade ne risquent donc pas d'être déçus.
Malgré les quelques défauts de Donkey Kong Jr, celui-ci reste tout de même un très bon jeu oldies qui arrive largement au niveau de son prédécesseur. Les amateurs d'arcade ne risquent donc pas d'être déçus.
Donkey Kong Jr. is an old game, without question. Some games feel as good in 2012 as they did when they launched. Donkey Kong Jr. is not one of those games. It’s not a bad game, but it’s a bit unintuitive for those who aren’t used to classic arcade physics, and there’s not really very much to it. Unless you’re into high scores, you’ll have seen pretty much everything the game has to offer after a few minutes of play. But if you do take pleasure from setting personal records, Donkey Kong Jr. is worth your time.
Ce jeu simple, rapide et distrayant est l'un des meilleurs jeux de plates-formes. A recommander aux amateurs du genre.
Atari 2600Game Freaks 365
In conclusion, this is a pretty good version of Donkey Kong Junior considering the system it was released on, but the version on the NES, and probably the one on the Colecovision also, are superior. That being the case, there is no logical reason for you to own this version unless you do not have any other system that the game is available on or you are a collector of Atari 2600 titles.
60 (UK)
Again, the 1983 NES port was arguably the best home version ever released, but there's no substitute for the arcade original. As with Donkey Kong, the vertical orientation of the screen has been squashed into 4.3 - and if you're playing on a 16.9 screen Nintendo makes no attempt to even maintain that aspect ratio, resulting in a wildly stretched out image. This rather slapdash approach to presenting the old classics in this unsympathetic way contrasts badly compared to Microsoft's approach.
Donkey Kong Jr. erweitert die Formel des Spielhallen-Smash-Hits Donkey Kong durch komplexere Levels und hübschere Grafik. Als Donkey Kongs Sohnemann klettert Ihr entlang Ketten und Lianen Eurem eingesperrten Vatertier entgegen, während Ihr Euer Punktekonto durch das Sammeln von Früchten aufbessert. Hier gibt Jumpman das erste und einzige Mal den Bösewicht. Müsste ich mich für eines der beiden Donkey Kongs entscheiden, fiele meine Wahl auf das Original. Die Spiele sind aber dennoch in ungefähr gleichwertig – es reicht somit vollends aus, sich nur einen der beiden Klassiker aus dem Geldbeutel zu leiern!
NESNintendo Land
This time Mario is the bad guy (!) and he has kidnapped old DK. You control DK jr, who is going to save his papa from Mario, who has trapped DK inside a steel cage which is way too small for DK. DK jr is a little bit better and more varied than Donkey Kong, but it´s not a top game either.
NESPower Play
Gutes Geschicklichkeits-Spiel mit vier verschiedenen Bildern.
NESHappy Computer
Der Zahn der Zeit hat spürbar an Donkey Kong Jr. genagt. Vor einigen Jahren war ein Spiel mit vier verschiedenen Bildern noch eine kleine Sensation, doch nach heutigen Maßstäben reizt diese Tatsache allenfalls zum Gähnen. Das Spielprinzip selber kann mich auch nicht mehr so begeistern wie vor einigen Jahren, als mich Donkey Kong Jr. an das Colecovision-Videospiel fesselte. Es ist halt ein Plattform-Spiel, bei dem mir das erste Bild mit den niedlichen, herumwandernden Gebissen noch am besten gefällt. Die technische Qualität des Programms ist enttäuschend, denn die Fähigkeiten des Nintendo-Systems werden bei weitem nicht ausgenutzt.
To be plain, Donkey Kong Jr looks nice, sounds decent, and plays well enough to be an excellent time-waster. What's present is good - if only there was more of it.
The son of Kong arrives here in a complete conversion of his arcade debut, but this game's too short of an experience to recommend a download. (Nevermind that it's already been made available through Animal Crossing and as the packed-in "launch title" for the Game Boy Advance e-Reader just a few years ago.) It's nice to see Junior again, but save your points for more robust offerings.
Pour le joueur très impliqué ou un peu fanatique, ce n'est que le début. La réelle épreuve pour lui sera de répéter l'exercice autant de fois que possible, surmontant une difficulté toujours croissante (les ennemis sortent à une cadence de plus en plus rapide) et améliorant son high score à la centaine de points près si nécessaire. Mais au XXIème siècle, c'est une espèce de joueurs rare, même parmi les retrogamers. Pour la plupart d'entre nous, le jeu finit à cet instant et démontre la brièveté de ces classiques ancestraux de Nintendo. On les regarde un peu comme les portraits de ces grands hommes qui illustrent les livres d'histoire, on comprend la valeur de ce qu'ils ont accompli mais ils sont trop éloignés de nous pour que l'on puisse encore partager le sentiment de leur accomplissement.
Wii UNintendo Life
Like many of the NES launch titles, Donkey Kong Jr. is an 8-bit outing whose age is starting to show. Repetitive gameplay, frustrating collision detection and game breaking bugs all work towards the detriment of this one, resulting in a game that, while charming, tends to be a bit too rough around the edges. Fans of the arcade and NES originals might get a kick out of this one as a Wii U VC launch title, but younger players lacking nostalgia for the golden age of gaming will find more flaws than can be ignored. Real life achievement hunters like the formidable Mr. Kasper may want to set their sights on a game with a little more substance.
WiiNintendo Life
After all these years, the levels can still be a slight challenge and still hold replayability, and hardcore fans will no doubt argue that it's all about setting as high a score as possible, but it's clear that this is a game more suited for those who enjoyed it at the time of its original release in the arcades.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic
Frustration will set in almost immediately as your limited movements make you easy prey for the wandering teeth. There are few audio effects to speak of, but the "climbing" sound has a screeching quality that's irritating. Despite having three screens, Donkey Kong Jr. is a lukewarm effort that fails to live up to the arcade classic.