Donkey Kong Land III Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title Screen (Super Game Boy)
Cape Codswallop (Super Game Boy)
Title screen.
Primate Plains
Great Ape Lakes
Selecting one empty slot.
Tin Can Valley
Bonus screen.
Save your current game with Wrinkly Kong.
Two flying fiends try avoid that you collect an item...
The bear's shop is the point! Buy advices, back to the completed worlds and play a mini-game too...
Swimming between the danger.
Could be Enguarde escape from this strong attack?
Kiddy Kong prepares the next move...
What this bird ate that was so fat?
This delicious arrow shows the correct way.
Complete the bonus stage successfully and get the prize!

Game Boy Color version

The Title Screen - in colour!
File select screen
Overworld Map
Barbos blocks Kiddy's path
Enguarde dodges Bazza as he swims to his hole
Wrinkly Kong will save your game for you
Maybe you should head down...
Watch out for those clownfish
No swordfish allowed!
This barrel lets you start from here if you die mid-level
Bash the Baddies!
Climbing a rope underneath a dangerous Buzz
Kiddy stomps on a Rekoil
Two letters down, two to go
Dixie performs her Helicopter Spin
The Brothers Bear are here to help
Knock out Koin to earn a special DK Coin
Squitter can shoot webbing at enemies