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Donkey Kong Land

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Game Boy
Nintendo 3DS

User Reviews

"An APEaling Game..." Game Boy So Hai (339)
Game over. Game Boy DANIEL HAWKS ! (1896)
Not a bad attempt to re-create the SNES classic... Game Boy Kartanym (10766)

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Platform Votes Score
Game Boy 37 3.8
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined User Score 37 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Game BoyConsoles Plus
Donkey Kong Land est un des plus beaux jeux de plates-formes sur Game Boy. Un grand hit!
Game BoyGameFan Magazine
DKL is easily the best action game in GB history and now ranks behind Zelda on my all time GB list. As if the SGI apes weren't enough, when I saw the parallax, I almost fell out of my chair. The music in DKL is remarkably good. If you wanna beat this one, you may find the Super GB the way to play. DKL is actually a little than DKC. Good show Nintendo. The Game Boy lives on!
Game BoyElectric Playground
Donkey Kong Land is an essential Gameboy addition. I think, after having spent more time with it, I was a little rash in giving it the number 2 spot on the Gameboy Must Haves list, because Zelda is a better game, unquestionably. I'll make the change to the list and you should run and check DKL out. If you haven't already overdosed on Donkey Kong Kookiness and you're in the market for a portable, world class, diversion for your scratched up Gameboy, you're really going to love this one. It's great on the bus or when you're standing in line for movies, concerts or vaccination shots. It has a handy save feature, so every time you pick it up, it's like opening a new chapter in a book. It really is time for Nintendo to release a full colour 16-bit (at least) portable but for now, gaming on the go is doin' just fine with the illustrious, 8-bit, Mr. Kong.
Game BoyAll Game Guide
All in all, Donkey Kong Land is one of the best platformers for the Game Boy since the original Super Mario Land games, and should be bought by anyone ready for more monkey mayhem.
Game BoyVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The graphics and sounds are the best I've seen for the Game Boy yet. Inspirational is what it is. Plus the game is more fun than a lot of game for 16-bit systems. Donkey Kong Land includes new areas of Donkey Kong Land includes Big Ape City, Gangplank Galleon and Chimpanzee Clouds. Watch out for new enemies like Hogwash the Flying Pig, Nautilus, Fangfish, Hard Hat and Swirlwind Warning. Big fun.
Game BoyMega Fun
Was hat dieses gelbe Modul mit meinem Game Boy gemacht? Grafisch und soundtechnisch bietet Donkey Kong Land einen solchen Genuß, daß man zugeben muß, die Jungs von Rare trotz aller guten Vorsätze ein weiteres mal unterschätzt zu haben. Auch spielerisch ist DKL affengut. Die Game Boy-Version kann mit der des großen Bruders oder Schwester (Loretta!), zumindest auf dem Super Game Boy, durchaus mithalten. Lediglich auf dem kleinen Game Boy Screen verabschiedet sich die Übersichtlichkeit von Zeit zu Zeit, was unnötigerweise das eine oder andere Affenleben kosten kann. Absolut genial sind die Innovationen, die mit aufs Modul gepackt wurden. So z.B. eine bewegliche Plattform, die immer dann ihre Richtung wechselt, wenn einer unserer Afgenfreunde auf sie springt, oder sie mit einer Mauer in Berührung kommt. All das hat dazu geführt. daß es Donkey Kong Land doch tatsächlich geschafft hat, mich für mehrere Stunden von meiner Freundin Steffi fernzuhalten.
Game BoyGame Players
If you're expecting a title equivalent to DKC, you'll be very disappointed. But if you're looking for a Game Boy game that'll keep you busy for hours, DKL is a fine choice.
Game BoyNintendo Life
Going by the instruction book story, the idea that this game would prove Donkey Kong Country was more than just a pretty face is slightly flawed. Whilst visually it can't come close to the SNES title, by Game Boy standards these are definitely “fancy graphics”, but that doesn't really matter as fans can rejoice in what is basically an extra 34 levels of DKC. Tight controls and a variety of locations and enemies make for an enjoyable platformer, and add in the challenge of finding everything and Donkey Kong Land is a fun game that will keep players occupied for some time.
Game BoyGamePro (US)
The difficulty was cranked up for this cart. Some later stages require painstakingly careful movements. One false move and you could lose a hit or an entire life. With such strong gameplay and graphics, Donkey Kong Land is a formidable effort considering what it accomplishes on a portable system.
Game BoyTotal! (Germany)
Insgesamt ist „Donkey Kong Land“ ein recht geradliniges Jump&Run, das leichte Defizite in der Darstellung und im Gameplay aufweist. Nintendo hat sich sehr eng an die 16-Bit-Vorlage gehalten, wodurch sich jeder DK-Fan sofort heimisch fühlen wird. Die leichten, aber merklichen Mängel in der Grafik wirken sich jedoch so sehr auf die Spielbarkeit aus, daß ein bitterer Nachgeschmack aufkommt. Zu unfair und willenlos wirkt zuweilen das Leveldesign oder das Auftauchen und Agieren der Gegner. Spielerisch ist es somit mindestens eine Bananenlänge von den Super-Mario-Titeln entfernt, aber wahre Affen-Fans werden um einen Kauf kaum herumkommen.
Game BoyNintendojo
This is clearly the worst of the three DKL games, but for its time, it was an excellent title. You may consider a purchase today since you can acquire it at a bargain price.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Insider
On the whole, Donkey Kong Land is a solid platformer that is held back a bit by its aesthetics and the size of the screen that it was put on. The level design is decent, but many will feel that the adventure is over just as it’s getting started.