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Windows version

Main menu - This screen usually changes with each new update, sometimes signifying a graphical presentation of the latest major update and highlighted mod.
Character selection - Wilson is the default starting character. Additional characters may be unlocked while playing (and dying) using previous characters.
Custom world - An optional world generator feature, where the player may tweak several categories, such as resource abundance and monster frequency.
An unconscious Willson being taunted by the demon who brought him here.
Game start. Middle of nowhere. Time to start foraging.
Lumberjacking. That is after crafting an axe. Trees are plentiful and grow quite quickly. Though cutting too many trees may warrant some unwanted attention.
Night is greatly feared. Some monsters may appear only at night, while the darkness itself gradually lowers sanity. Using light sources may slow down this process while keeping some monsters at bay.
Combat is a dangerous activity in this game. Each creature in this land has their own style of combat and a frontal assault is a sure way of getting killed. Oh, look. I'm about to become dog food.
Mining consists of finding and breaking up large rocks and boulders with a pick to obtain stone. Rocks with a yellow vein indicates that gold may be mined from it.
A large portion of gameplay consists of gathering necessary resources to craft new items and structures. These 'prototypes' may be viewed and unlocked via recipes.
Map - The map (zoomed-in) views (most) areas of interest that has been explored by the player. An auto-map function allows the player to track explored and unexplored regions.