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iPhoneiPhone Alley (May 02, 2009)
The one complaint I've heard people make about this game, is the fact that there is no iTunes support and therefore you can't swap out the sound for your own playlist. However, I am not bothered by this. If you start playing your music before you open the application, it will continue playing through out the game. Although, I happen to think that the sound that the little alien makes is, in fact, quit charming. It's kind of a cross between a "boing" and a "pop". Super cute. Also, while this is a game I may play often, I don't play it for long periods of time. At least not long enough to warrant a need for my music to make it more interesting.
85 (Jul 02, 2010)
Doodle Jump est sûrement LE jeu à posséder sur iPod/iPhone ! Le titre est toujours présent dans le top 25 de l'AppStore, depuis déjà plusieurs mois, et il le mérite ! Fun, agréable à manipuler et à regarder, ce jeu est tout simplement une pure merveille.
AndroidGameSpot (Apr 29, 2011)
The biggest complaint you might level against Doodle Jump is that it's overly simplistic--all you're doing is jumping, after all. On the other hand, that simplicity is part of the appeal. This is exactly the kind of game for which you pull out your phone and play for a few minutes; it's ideal for when you find yourself waiting for the bus, waiting for the train, or with a bit of downtime.
80 (Mar 05, 2010)
The phrase “less is more” has never been so profound in a mobile game as it is in Doodle Jump, making this one of the most essential games we’ve played so far this year.
J2MEPocket Gamer UK (Mar 04, 2010)
Serving up the simple yet addictive gameplay mobile gaming thrives on, Doodle Jump isn't especially complex or revolutionary, but its jump-based play is as playable as they come.
iPhonePocket Gamer UK (Oct 15, 2009)
Unbelievably addictive, immediately accessible, and enjoyable every time you pick it up. Doodle Jump is an iPhone staple.
iPadPocket Gamer UK (Sep 12, 2011)
A missed opportunity to give us something new, Doodle Jump for iPad remains as mercilessly addictive as it ever was.
iPhoneTouchGen (Mar 20, 2009)
Doodle Jump is a pleasant surprise among a sea of generic and boring pickup-and-play games out there. The idea of actively competing against high scores from all over the world in real time is fantastic, and something that more games should look into. The dev had mentioned some really cool ideas for the future of Doodle Jump via updates, but even in it’s current state, it’s a joy to play. You can tell a lot of love went into this little game.
iPhone148apps (Apr 13, 2009)
Overall, Doodle Jump is well worth your time and money. It’s a charming little creation that’s perfect for momentary spurts of boredom (you know the type of game!). If you’re a fan of PapiJump, you should definitely enjoy this contender. The unnamed doodle has plenty of personality, and the game itself will present you with a continuous, easy-going challenge.
78 (Nov 13, 2009)
Erstaunlich, wie gut es ein derart simpler Titel schafft, mich bei meiner Ehre zu packen. Als alter Jump'n'Run-Fan kann ich es einfach nicht auf mir sitzen lassen, dass ich den Highscore schon wieder nicht geknackt habe - vor allem in einem Spiel, das auf den ersten Blick so einfach aussieht. Der minimalistische Notizblock-Look mit seinen putzigen Monstern verstärkt den Effekt noch. Also: Wer noch nicht gehüpft ist, sollte das ruhig nachholen. Das Spiel ist zwar winzig, sorgt bei entsprechend verbissenen Naturen aber trotzdem für erstaunlich langen Spaß - für die 0,79 Euro kann man bei Doodle Jump wenig falsch machen.
iPhoneSlide to Play (Apr 13, 2009)
If you're looking for a new timewaster, invest 99 cents in Doodle Jump. It's not going to rock your world, but it'll sure as heck keep you sane at the DMV.