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Back to Earth, Back to Hell Windows vicrabb (6984)
When is it ok to rehash a classic? When the classic is Doom! DOS jTrippy (63)
A great, evolutionary sequel to an already awesome game DOS Chaz Erin (12)
Unquestionably a gaming classic DOS Afterburner (477)
A evil, cruel, demon-infested fun-fest! DOS Chris Martin (1098)
Still great as a game, merely decent as a sequel DOS Zovni (9367)
Doom2!! That was cool!! DOS Emepol (1547)
First and finest DOS Chris Wright (99)
You can't even get away from demons on Earth DOS *Katakis* (37740)
A rare moment in the gaming history when a sequel could even be called better than the original DOS Medicine Man (367)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 181 4.2
Game Boy Advance 20 3.3
Macintosh 6 3.2
PC-98 1 5.0
Windows 80 4.0
Zodiac 7 2.5
Combined MobyScore 295 4.0

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DOSThe DOS Spirit
Det er ikke stort mer å si om spillet som tok verden med storm i 1995. Doom 2 selges fortsatt den dag idag, mye takket være den store fan-basen som fortsatt produserer nivåer for spillet. Ulike tilleggspakker har dukket opp gjennom tidene med flere hundre brett for sultne marinesoldater som mener demoner er bedre med innsiden ut. Doom vekker dyret i alle og enhver, og står tilbake som en av 90-tallets desidert beste titler.
WindowsJust Games Retro
Doom II really is more of the same, but released at a time when “more of the same” was exactly what everyone was asking for. Loads of smartly-designed new monsters offer formidable tweaks on the original’s challenges, larger levels look and play differently, and the double-barrel shotgun fills out the arsenal nicely. There’s a reason Doom II became the modding community standard. The original is an excellent game as well, but Doom II’s additions edge it out as the best.
DOSEntertainment Weekly
Of course, the real reason why Doom has created an uncomfortably large posse of drooling addicts is that its goal is-unapologetically and without remorse-to hunt, chase, and kill anything that moves. And to be completely honest, that's plenty fine with me. I can't in good conscience pretend that Doom II has any redeeming social value. It doesn't-save the lecture. I'll even confess that in the middle of writing this review I had to stop and take a Doom break. Is it good for kids? Absolutely not. But is it the most exhilaratingly over-the-top game on the market? And then some.
Doom 2 on teoriassa vain 30 lisätasoa jo muutenkin täynnä .WAD-tiedostoja olevaan Doom-maailmaan, mutta tasot ovat todella laadukkaita, ja lisämonsterit ja super shotgun tuovat uutta verta peliin. Myös uusittu Deathmatch on selvä parannus. Jos Doom jaksaa innostaa ja varsinkin, jos ensimmäinen versio sattui olemaan sellainen ”ei-ihan-virallisesti-rekisteröity”, niin rohkeasti vaan kauppaan ostamaan.
DOSJust Games Retro
Doom 2 came out hot on the heels of the original. The public was rioting for more, the engine could still be considered cutting-edge, and there was apparently plenty of life left in the game's simplistic concepts. Faced with this knowledge and responsibility, iD bravely stepped up and let fly the sequel - using the same engine and the same gameplay as the first. Only because Doom was so good, was iD able to get away with something like this. Few developers can successfully rehash their old material like these guys.
Nuovi mostri, nuove trappole, nuovi livelli intricatissimi sono le ragioni per le quali rimarrete incollati nuovamente davanti al vostro monitor.
DOSGénération 4
Rien à dire. C'est du bon travail, on nous propose un jeu où l'on peu choisir la difficulté, adapter la vitesse selon son ordinateur et jouer en réseau. ID Software s'est vraiment éclaté pour une suite plus que simplement réussie. Le jeu est subtilement dosé entre action et aventure, même si cette dernière reste succinte, et on finit par s'y croire vraiment tant la rapidité et la fluidité sont à couper le souffle, même en plein écran. La note est méritée.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy
Even if you've never played any of the DOOM titles, if you like first-person shooters and you own a Game Boy Advance, DOOM II is an absolute must-have game.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
The conclusion for fans of DOOM is, of course, yes, by all means – the next time you're traipsing through he aisle of your computer store, put a little Hell in your hand basket. If you know what to expect from DOOM 2, which I hope you do by now, you won't be disappointed. By the time you've battled through DOOM 2's levels and met the ultimate incarnation of Evil at the end, you'll have sucked out the essence of the DOOM experience, swirled it around in your mouth, gargled and spit. If you are like me, you will feel a bit wrung out, spent, satisfied, and ready to leave the corridors of DOOM behind you and move on. Next stop, QUAKE.
Game Boy AdvanceHonestGamers
Doom 2 doesn’t serve you an epic, twisting plot, and nor will you get the smoother controls that its PC brethren boast. Neither does it have looks -- its pixelated, jagged graphics scream dated. The frustration level can also easily climb as high as the repetitiveness. What it does grant you is a slice of insanity on the move. Bring on the carnage -- whenever, wherever. Kill or be killed.
More Doom than you can shake a stick at; nice new levels; tough enemies; excellent Deathmatch play. It's still just Doom, and a few more new additions would have been appreciated. Go ahead and buy Doom II--if you think you can take the heat.
Game Boy AdvanceNintendoWorldReport
Overall, this is possibly one of the very best games available on the Game Boy Advance, although it might be somewhat uninteresting to someone who knows the original version inside-out. This is solid gaming and a great addition to a GBA game collection.
Game Boy AdvanceGaming Target
Even with the small gap between the release of Doom and Doom II on Game Boy Advance, there have been several shooters released for the handheld. Certain titles are much more complex than anything found in the thirty odd levels of Doom II, however nothing can compare to the intensity that this series still provides. All of the noteworthy improvements found in the game add up to make an ideal choice for those on the go and eager to take control of the classic shooting sequel for one last killing-spree.
DOSJoystick (French)
Trop proche du jeu original, Doom 2 n'est finalement qu'un scénario-disque au rapport qualité-prix inintéressant, du moins pour ceux qui connaissent déjà Doom 1.
Doom II is a dark, disturbing game. And while it may not bring anything new to the genre, it can create obsession-level loyalty if you tend not to look beyond the barrel of a gun.
Even with its darkly entertaining firepower and pleasingly grotesque menagerie, the game has its flaws, like an unrelenting and simplistic soundtrack that gets pretty annoying over time. (Don't worry, though, the game's sound effects are as brilliant as they were in the original, and remain one of its best features.) More bothersome, especially for fans of the first game, is that the repetitious action in this nasty and brutish sequel just isn't as addictive as it was in the original hit. Doom II doesn't build the same visceral or emotional connection because it doesn't enhance the original experience in any original way. Compared to Hexen, for example, which broadens the Heretic legend, Doom II adds little substance and no plot to its predecessor (space marine saves earth by killing monsters isn't a plot).
MacintoshMac Gamer
Doom II is a 'classic' finally available for the mac. Although it may not be as graphically sophisticated or contextually complex as some of the more recent games of it's type, it's still a great play. At times I found myself literally on the edge of my battle-chair, my binary-self looking up from the floor where I had so recently fallen, dead, after being emoliated by some green fireball-thing or other method of horrific destruction, asking myself, a little scared, "do I really want to go back in there?" Of course, even as I was contemplating this, I was opening my last saved game. (Forget using my other lives. If you die you loose most of your weapons, and I'm not going back in there without my rocket launcher.) Overall this game is a good play. If you like your violence straight up, no chaser, then DoomII - Hell on Earth for the Mac is the game for you.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Zweite Runde für das PC-Kettensägenmassaker: Das neue Doom gibt sich grafisch noch etwas derber, aber spielerisch bietet es nicht viel Neues.
DOSPower Play
Für meinen Geschmack bietet der zweite Teil des Pixel-Massakers zu wenig Neues. Ein halbes Dutzend frischer Monster, nur eine einsame neue Waffe und die Verstärkung des Geschicklichkeitselementes sind einfach zu wenig, um Hell on Earth mein sonnigstes Lächeln zu schenken.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Der indizierte Vorgänger gleichen Namens gehört heutzutage zur PC-Grundausstattung wie MS-DOS oder Windows. Was könnte Sie also davon abhalten, sich schnurstracks die Fortsetzung Doom 2 zuzulegen? Vielleicht die BPS, der Preis oder gar unser schonungsloser Test?
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot
It is true that Doom II doesn't offer much more than 32 levels full of gunplay, but there's a lot to enjoy if that's your taste. Each stage is larger and more impressive than the last, and there are four difficulty settings to master. The ability to play along with friends is equally valuable. There are a handful of other first-person shooters on the Game Boy Advance, and a few of them are certainly more complete when it comes to overall design, but none are as vicarious or as stimulating as Doom II.
DOSHigh Score
Det mesta är bra i Doom 2, men det finns en liten hake. När man väl massakrerat sig igenom alla nivåer finns det inte mycket att hämta. Vägen dit är lyckligtvis lång, och väldigt underhållande.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN
Doom II is a definite improvement over the original Doom, but its impact in the Game Boy Advance market is much less pronounced from the first game because, honestly, the sequel on the PC wasn't much more than a slight upgrade from the first game. This game still lacks a real story or gameplay elements beyond the "hit the switch/grab the keycard/blast the enemies" design. But if all you're looking for is a mindless shooter, Doom II will definitely fit the bill.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
It's DOOM II, and since Quake is here already ruling the cosmos, I can't sit here and tell you that DOOM II for Win95 is all that great, but if you don't have DOOM II and you've got a Win95 P90Mhz or above, this is the best version to buy! For beginners, it makes loading those .WAD files as simple as pointing and clicking, and setting up a multiplayer game is just as easy. And it's not a ripoff like Final DOOM, because this is really a Win95-native DOOM II!
ZodiacGame Freaks 365
Overall, Doom II on the Zodiac is an improved version of the PC version, in the sense that you don't have to use the keyboard anymore. Other than that, nothing's changed. It would have been nice to have Zodiac-exclusive enhancements, be it more levels or multi-player, but alas, we didn't get that. If you dig the PC title, you'll like this just as much.
Game Boy AdvanceGamestyle
Here we have a game made for the hand held market, the sequel to one of the most successful games of our time, it sounds fantastic, the movement is crisp and everything looks as it should, they have even managed to put in a great deathmatch mode which can be played with up to four GBA's, unfortunately if you are not playing at twilight under an incandescent glow you are not going to get the best from this game, shame. The challenge is enough in its inception with out having to fight Mother Nature in the process. Doom II is a great game, steep in challenge and offers very little but repetitive running and shooting, you will know if you are going to like it from the box, what you wont know is if you have anywhere with the required lighting to be able to play it.
ZodiacPocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Doom 2 fait partie de ces erreurs de stratégie marketing du constructeur de la Zodiac, Tapwave. Beaucoup d’argent dépensé pour pas grand-chose au final. Lorsque la société annonçait en grande pompe l’arrivée de ce hit légendaire sur Zodiac, le jeu avait déjà été adapté sur d’autres consoles portables concurrentes. Pis, l’adaptation a été bâclée. Les contrôles ont été mal étudiés, transformant ce qui devait être une expérience nerveuse et jouissive en quelque chose de poussif et de stressant.