Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Choosing the hero
Mission explanation
Jungle level
Weird head
Continue screen
Dark cave
Junk boss
Colorful planet
Lava lake
Lava boss
Battle on Pluto
Anyone there?
Red boss on Pluto
Bloody scene
Fierce battle
Can't even see the boss!
Golden level

SNES version

Title screen and main menu.
Options menu.
Selecting a shooter.
Mission briefing.
An enemy being slaughtered by normal gun: instantly, the blood spits out!
The gore continues, but this time you're the fatal victim... :-(
A hanged enemy (that still shoots at you) and an acrobatic sword wielding dude.
Using enemy bodies as buoys to pass the waterfall.
Level complete. Each world contains 3 levels
A flame thrower
This is best solved with a homing missile
Enemy missile strike from a far. You have to keep moving to avoid getting hit.
This grenade-launcher wielding enemy is still alive and kicking after his lower half gets blown off
Venus boss. Looks "cute" enough
Then he starts flooding the room with his puke and pelting you with chunks of bone that takes off 20% of your health each.
Boss killed. I miss the moment he exploded because it happened too quickly.
World 2 - Mercury
Crates contain ammo, health, special weapon ammo (like missile or homing missile)
Hanging out...
The sparkling stuff is some kind of disease that temporarily reverses the left-right control.
A much-needed medikit
Shoot a boulder to set it rolling and crush your enemies
Mercury Boss. One of his attack is a flying metal disk
If you shoot at the disk, it malfunctions and damages the boss.
... and eventually kills him
World 3: Pluto
Watch out for falling icicles
Pluto boss
He has a regular gun, missile launcher, a kicking and spinning attack
He gores me quite easily
World 4 - Nero, as the second hero
Inside the dungeon
Nero boss, with missile launcher
... then gatling gun
... and energy balls and a few other attacks