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3DO version

Title screen
Let's get it out of the way early - yes, this is the 3DO port's maximum screen size.
First level, first area
Poles and decorative light posts have been removed.
Former human up close.
Enemies turn to pixels at a distance... and this is with S-Video!
Like many of the other console ports, textures are limited and reused often.
Ka-bloosh! Monsters at least still die like they're supposed to.
Smallest screen size. Improves the framerate, but not consistently or significantly.

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Read This!
Help screen
Episode One takes place on a moon called Phobos. This is the view from the game's starting location
Having no weapon really sucks
The sinister looking Soul Sphere increases your health
Found the exit! This is the goal of every level - but have you discovered all its secrets?..
No enemies outside this time... But for how long?
Outdoor shootout during the first episode. Nice view, cool effects from enemy's rocket launcher... I knew I did the right thing when I booked this vacation
An example of gore - dead bodies lying on the ground. You also find a first aid kit
An imp, up close and personal
Such screens appear when you complete a level
Going upstairs - still in the first episode
I'm being mugged by a bunch of these invisible spectres
I've gained a cool new weapon and am donning an anti-radiation suit! Man!.. Great shopping. Look at those demons to the left - do they want a suit, too?..
Reloading the shotgun
Entering Nuclear Plant
One barrel explodes. It starts a chain reaction which takes out several demons
Poison warning sign
Found blue key. You'll be key-hunting quite a lot
The computer map is a very useful gadget. The grey parts indicate which sections of the map you still have to visit
F5 key lowers video resolution; it was a useful trick to run the game on slower PCs
Chainsaw Massacre
The chaingun is great for killing several (weak) enemies in a hurry
The screen melt effect, used when respawning/loading level.
With the Berserk powerup you'll turn baddies into a bloody pulp with your bare hands
Detailed graphics in this cave in Episode Two. Take a look at the lighting
Oh, no! Poor guys! Who did this to them?.. ... Well, whoever it was, he didn't take that shiny blue armor over there
Frying baddies with the Plasma Rifle, one Demon Burger coming up!
You can adjust screen size to this small
Ammo crates, bullet effects, and power-ups masquerading as angry blue faces
Where do developers find the inspiration for insane textures like these?
Welcome to Hell! This is what you'll see most of the time in the dark, horrifying Episode Three
Come on and feel the power of the mighty BFG!
Never give up!..
That's enough... Such a big monster, what should I do?..
Primitive weapon but really fun!
Later in the game you'll gain some impressive-looking weapons with cool effects. Take this, you... you... face!..
Bad people fight each other, that's what you need to understand! And I did. I came and interfered. The results are... err... impressive
Episode Three takes place in hell, indeed. Witness the crazy colors and the torture in this chapter
Sci-fi environment makes a brief return in the last episode. Scary, long corridors appear in this chapter...
Enter this door to begin final chapter. What horrors await you there?..

Game Boy Advance version

Start Screen
Title Screen
The beginning of the game
A castly doorway
In Doom, it's fun to shoot at nothing
I'll walk through lava to get that medkit
A freaky level
Just tryin' out the old shotgun
Doom is known well for it' odd monsters
Like its sister GBA port of Doom II, all blood is now recolored green.
Yep, even the decorative corpse puddles.
Old, good body armor.
Small group enemies - II episode, Inferno difficulty.
Too many enemies... i have a little trouble.
Shotgun. I like this weapon.
Exploding barrel can kill some enemies.
Classic doom monster - one eye, big smile...

Jaguar version

Title screen
Options and level select
Most levels have been redesigned with less detail.
The trusty shotgun claims another zombie.
Nice detail on the Cacodemon
All the weapons from the original made the port.
Wrong door.
Skin walls can't be a good sign.
I didn't even know the marine could make that face.
Always love doing that.
Blood and guts intact

SEGA 32X version

Title Screen - Benefits greatly from the 32X color palette
Graphics are decent, but low-res.
The status bar is drawn using the Genesis display
Lighting effects aren't super great.
It still scares the crap outta me.
Barrels still blow up real nice.
This area was simplified a lot.
Radiation suits...
...which come in handy right away.
Better use the heavier weaponry.
A more dungeon-like environment is the setup
...for the first boss fight.
A barren storage room

SNES version

Title screen
Finding a body armor (first level)
The distance visibility on the SNES is really, really poor. You nearly can't see the two enemies in the background.
The zoomable map
The exit of level 1. They changed this room a bit - the finer details are gone.
Intermission screen
Reloading the shotgun
A grunt, up close and personal
Getting cornered by former humans
Running across a damage floor. It's just green. There are no textures.
You don't generally want to get this close to an imp.
This zombie and imp are unhappy about you crashing their poker game.
A health pack and some cool architecture
A secret...but how to get to it?
Here comes Pinky!
Getting shot by a zombie
Going for the distance shot
Former sergeants. You're not the only one with a shotgun.
Fighting imps in the dark
Getting hit by an imp fireball
The green armor is your friend.
This was the last guy between me and the exit.
Some more cool architecture
Using a chaingun on a single zombie is overkill.
The chaingun is best for mowing down distant groups, like those colored specks.
Production Credits
Ocean logo (European version)
Players can choose the difficulty of his/her choice
Which episode would you like to play?

Windows version

Doom95 splash screen
Game launcher, using Windows GUI. Can be bypassed with a command-line option.

Official Screenshots

  • DOOM Screenshot
    Game Boy Advance version,, 2002
  • DOOM Screenshot
    Game Boy Advance version,, 2002